The Chapleau Public Library Presents
Chapleau in the 1950s

This is a shot of CPR Board Chairman Norris Crump and Art Grout.

Although the transition to diesel power had been well completed before 1960, the end of the steam era was symbolically concluded with the presentation of Locomotive 5433 on Old Timers Day at Centennial park on August 23rd 1964.

The event was attended by Norris Crump, who was the driving force behind CP's post-war conversion to diesel electric power. Locomotive 5433 was actually a Winnipeg assignment. It is a P2h class (2-8-2) built in August 1943 by Canadian Locomotive Co. Limited of Kingston, Ontario. Its serial number is 2038. It was the dominant locomotive type on the Schreiber Division representing 65% of total motive power assigned to the Division in 1947.

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