The Chapleau Library
Chapleau in the 1950s

1955. Number 7 westbound in the Chapleau station. The shot of number 7 was probably taken in 1955. The CPR was still receiving the new Budd equipment which puts it a few months before they started running the Canadian.

The "Canadian" commenced service on April 24th 1955 as Trains 1 and 2. The train consisted of new stainless steel passenger equipment. A connecting train ran between Toronto and Sudbury. The train's name was to have been "The Royal Canadian" but was changed just prior to the official announcement of its inauguration. Dieselization of transcontinental passenger trains enabled the dismantling of all steam facilities on the Schreiber division. The large coal handling facilities at Chapleau were very dominant forms and their demolition began to give the community a much different look.

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