The Chapleau Library
Chapleau in the 1950s

1952 or 53. Public school group 1952 or 1953. We had all been working on an "At Home" for the school. the term "At Home" refers to what we now call "Open House". Chapleau was the only place that I (Ian Macdonald) ever heard the term used. The group in the photograph were putting the various displays together. I remember having to do the Welcome sign on the blackboard. Individuals are:

Front row (kneeling and sitting) left to right

Jim Machan
Harry Pellow
Ian Macdonald
Jack Poynter

Next row ( seated and crouching) left to right

Jane Watson
Andre Rioux
Bob Glowacki
Roger Mizuguchi
Reynold Wright
Brian Fraser

Last row (standing)

Jack Shoup (principal)
Heather McCallum
Miss ?? Goldstein
Shirley Jacobs
Charlie White
Audrey Newman (in front of Charlie)

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