Chapleau in the 1950s

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Here is a photo supplied by Dave McMillan. It shows the GRADUATION CLASS of employees who had passed their locomotive engineer exams. Bill Pellow, Ian Macdonald and Patrick Gagne identified some of the folks. The year is 1941. Left to right:

1 Fred Leclerc, 2 W.R. McAdam, 3 Joe Lepin, 4 Les McMillan, 5 Jack Deluce, 6 Armand Bosse,
7 unknown, 8 Scully (Assistant Superintendent), 9 Barry Moore (Locomotive Foreman Chapleau), 10 unknown,
11 Adelard Fournier, 12 Walter Steed (in overalls), 13 Joe Saylors, 14 Alphonse Gagne, 15 John Osborne Pellow known as "ELI".

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