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Canadian Airways Limited
Aircraft and People

Staff picture taken on July 3rd 1936, a hot sultry day, when the temperature was 103º. The smoke was too dense to fly, so the machines were tied up for the day.

Front row left to right:

N. Marquin, Jack Hardman, H.S. Jones, Marion Seeley, Wally Carrlon, P. Del Rizzo

Back row left to right:

H.P. Russell, A.H. (Bud?) Brown, Stan N. Knight, R.R. Young, John Ducker, Hugh Comack, J.S. (Jack) Patton, A.N. (Westy) Westergaard, H.A. (Art) Schade, Pere Gillman.

Missing from picture: Mike De Blicquy, D.N. Mari, J.B. Baragar.

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