the Historical Photographs of John Futhey.
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Waiting at Pogamasing. Who is the crew man? See detail.

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Images 6 and 19 show Bowen Class P2g 2-8-2 III number 5415 which was built in August 1940. This is the same type as locomotive 5433 which is displayed in Centennial Park in Chapleau. These locomotives were four tons lighter than the P2a's and had a slightly higher tractive effort of 57,500 pounds. This was one of the last steam locomotives built for the CPR. This locomotive supplied 19 years of useful service before being disposed of in August 1959.

This class of locomotive is named after Henry Blaine Bowen who was CPR's talented mechanical chief from 1928 to May 1949. Henry Blaine Bowen was responsible for some of the most elegant, distinctive and successful locomotive types ever produced. His masterpiece was Bowen Class H1d 4-6-4 iii No.2850 which is better known as "the Royal Hudson". This locomotive hauled the famous 1939 Royal Train from Montreal to Vancouver. Similar locomotives of this series were familiar in Chapleau and used mainly on passenger service.

There were 47 class P-2 locomotives assigned to the Schrieber Division in 1947 immediately preceding the conversion to diesel power.

Road number: 5415
Manufactured: August 1940, Montreal Locomotive Works.

Type: P2G
Wheel arrangement: 2-8-2
Disposal: August 1959.

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