the Historical Photographs of John Futhey.
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A group of Chapleau men at an engineers' banquet. Probably photograph of the C.P.R. retirees.

Larry Joyce has provided the following informatio. No. 12 is my maternal grandfather, William Brazel. The photo must have been taken in the early 1950s as I believe he died around 1953/54. Believe he moved his family to Chapleau just prior to 1920 from P.E.I. and worked with the CPR in Chapleau as a firemen and later as an engineer. He also appears in one of Vince Crichton's CPR photo's of a work crew in Ridout in 1920. He had a son named William Brazel who also worked for the CPR in the "car barns" in Chapleau.

Back row left to right:

7) Joe Lepine, 8) F.J. (Shorty) Morris, 9) Arthur Whybray, 10) Jim Encil, 11) Clarence Darby, 12) William Brazel 13) Ivor Erickson, 14) John N. Burns, 15) W.H. (Scotty) Thomson, 16) Fred Hands, 17) William Card, 18) Joe Delaney, 19) George Young.

Front row left to right:

1) Charles Reid, 2) Ed Murphy, 3) Ed Woodard, 4) Walter Leigh, 5) James Q. Stanley, 6) William Somers, 6a) Robert Nixon.

Frank Rosseter tell us that this was his grandfather. Robert Nixon was married to Agnes McCullough and was a locomotive engineer on the CPR until the early fifties. He then became the Sheriff for Chapleau until he died in 1959. His daughter, Marion (Bobby) Pellow took over his position. He had seven children: Winifred (my mother) Eva Violet Olive Edward (Ted) Shirley Marion (Bobby).

Dr. W.R. (Bill) Pellow, in September 2010, made several corrections to these names.
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