the Historical Photographs of John Futhey.
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Wheels about 1936.

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Ian Macdonald tells us that images 1,5,24 and 27 are locomotives of the "Winterrowd class P-2,2-8-2 series" built between 1919 and 1926. This particular class of locomotive was named after William Henry Winterrowd who served as the CPR's chief mechanical engineer from January 1918 to January 1921. There were approximately 174 units of this type built to form the backbone of the CPR's freight fleet up to the end of the steam era in 1960.

Locomotive 5300 shown in image 5 was one of the last of this type to be built at the Angus Shops in Montreal before it was designated for maintenance activity only. Locomotive number 5374 managed a useful life of 35 years before being returned to Angus Shops for disposal in 1961.

These locomotives were 87 feet in length and weighed 335000 pounds fully loaded. Tender capacity was 10,000 gallons. Eight driver wheels generating a total tractive effort of 57,100 pounds were a standard diameter of 63 inches. The 54" x 120" firebox with a grate size of 70 square feet was exceptionally large for locomotive of this type.

The total number of steam locomotives on the CPR system reached an all time high of 2290 in 1924.

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