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1915 or 1916. Birch Street in Chapleau. Vince Crichton left the following remarks about this photograph.

This picture is presumed to have been taken in either 1915 or 1916. The buildings to the left on Main Street are:

Snith and Chapple and then their old galvanized iron warehouse that was situated where the grocery department is now.

The next building with its balcony is Pellow's store which in 1915 was operated by Ernie Cressey.

Next is the Queen's Hotel, now the Sportsman, It also had a balcony.

Next is the Godfrey building in which T.J. Godfrey had a poolroom downstairs and a bowling alley upstairs. It is now (1965) the Milkbar, the pool room having moved upstairs.

Next is the Brownlee Building in which today (1965) a barber shop and the Liquor Store are located.

Next is the Ross Block, now (1965) owned by Romeo Morin in which the Twins Beauty Parlour, Chapleau Insuarance Agencies and the Model Drug Store are now (1965).

Across the Street may be seen the front part of the building that was located where the Fox Theatre now stands in which McCord and Cummings operated a butcher shop.

One may notice the raised platform along all these builldings along the north side of Main Street. There do not appear to be any street lights at this time. The delivery wagon with a horse attached in front of Smith and Chapple's store is no doubt a delivery wagon from one of the stores in Chapleau at that time.

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