1952. Cottage No. 1 (now No. 2). Bill Pellow Jr. tells it this way:

Pellow's Cottages began building this cottage fall of 1952. Dad and I worked on it Halloween night of 1952 and worked until midnight. When ready to leave for home, the boat was frozen in shore ice. We hacked our way out into the unfrozen centre of the lake. I used a paddle to break the ice in front of the boat to prevent the cedar hull from being cut apart. Dad ran the motor. Don Olmstead from Galien Michigan was traveling on vacation, fishing on his own. He asked if I would rent my cottage and "voila", the beginning of Pellow's Cottages. Licensed in June 1953. In the fall of 1952 he called me and asked if I had another cottage or could I rent one for his friend somewhere in the Chapleau River area. I then started construction on No. 2.