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The Chapleau Historical Picture Collection

Reproduced with kind permission of the Chapleau Public Library

Chapleau historical picture N. 233

Chapleau residents near Chapleau or Mulligan's Bay about 1928. Vince Crichton estimated that this picture was taken no later than 1900.

Mike McMullen e-mailed the following information in February 2011:

"I have checked the 1901 Census and have found that in this picture:

Rodolphe Serre (No. 9) was 6 years old in 1901.

His father Telesphore (No. 5) was 29 in 1901.

Emma Noel (No.7) was 4 years old in 1901.

Looking at the age of these three in the picture, this family or church picnic picture would have been taken about 1901 (perhaps 1900 or 1902) in the summer. Charles Mulligan (No.8), a brother of our grandmothers, would have been 9 in 1901. Therefore, Vince's original estimate of 1900 was pretty good!"

John Serre, the grandson of T.R. Serre (No. 5) and the son of John (No. 9). Here is what John Serre Jr. told us in 2005:

"There is a man with a beret with a cap badge on it, which might indicate post WWI. My Grandfather was in the war as well. Dad looks about 5 there (I also recognize his mug) so I'm thinking 1928."

Those known are as follows:
(1) Mrs. Alec Langis
(2) Mr. Alec Langis
(3) Mr. Charles Lamother
(4) Mrs. T.R. (Hilda Barrett) Serre
(5) Mr. T.R. Serre. His grandson John Serre tells us: "the T.R. stood for (not sure of the spelling) Telesfor Rudolph".
(6) Lydia Langis
(7) Emma Noel
(8) Charles Mulligan
(9) T.R. Jon Serre the son of the man with the pipe. His son John Robert Jr. tells us in 2005 that John Robert (Bob) Serre Sr. was the youngest Town Clerk in Chapleau history. This John Robert (Bob) Serre who was born in 1923 and looks to be about 8 years old here. Hence the assumption that this picture was taken about 1915. His son John Robert Jr. has a website at
(10) Mrs. Isidore Lafrance
(11) Mrs. Frank Bertrand
(12) Frank Bertrand.Held in Frank Bertrand's arms is Edward (Bisic) Bertrand.
(13) Harry Chartrand