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2 Grave of John Ceredigion Jones at Sultan
1 Memorial Stone in Roman Catholic cemetery at Chapleau of Louis Hemon, author of Maria Chapdelaine.
4081898. Reverend John Sanders, first ordained Ojibway Indian Priest of the Anglican Church. Possibly taken at Biscotasing or Missinabie circa 1898
42189? Reverend and Mrs. John Sanders, first ordained Indian priest in North America. Ordained priest in 1879. Uncle of Geo. Sanders, Mrs. Chas. Swanson, Mrs. Wm. Swanson, and Mrs. Milton Schroeder of Chapleau. Born on March 17, 1845 at Flying Post, north of Bisco. Died at age of 57 at Biscotasing on February 26, 1902 and was buried at Missanabie by Reverend A.O. Cheney of Chapleau.
2831886. John S. Black, an employee of the Hudson Bay Company at Chapleau in 1886. He was a Scotch born protege of Chief Factor Peter W. Bell.
3011892. Robert Pirie, Chapleau's Grand Old Citizen who at the time of writing (1964) was 90 years old. This picture was taken of Mr. Pirie in 1892 when he was eighteen years old.
424Late 1800s? Dr. Evan who came to Chapleau to administer to the sick in the late 1880s and continued as a healer of the ill until early in the 1900s, prior to the advent of Dr. J.J. Sheahan.
291895. First and only steam pleasure boat on Chapleau River, owned by Bill Moore's father, one of the first settlers in Chapleau. Mr. Moore Sr. is second on left. Picture taken in 1895.
43 XEarly 1900s. Tame ducks on the Chapleau River in early 1900s. Unable to determine person in picture but some think it might be Tom Thompson.
449Early 1900. Peter Moore, brother of Mrs. Rose Ritchie. This is the only known picture of Zotique Mageau and Leblanc's mill, the oldest and first lumber mill in the entire Chapleau district. It was erected in 1899 and was situated near the old Chapleau Electric Light and Power Company's plant at the bridge over the Nebskwashi River, on the opposite shore from the Nemegosenda Cabins and in the vecinity of Art's Service Station on highway 129, south of the bridge. This picture was taken in the early 1900s. For pictures of the Leblanc brothers, jump here and look at the 1910 pictures No. 7, 8 and 9.
1119?? Griffin Mulligan fishing on Chapleau River in early 1900s. Unable to pinpoint location.
3171903. Historical picture No. 266 below depicts part of the celebration and some of the participants at the July 1st celebaration in 1903. A mock battle was staged between the Horse Guards and the Indians. Two of the small boys dressed as Indians, who took part in the simulated uprising appear in this picture. On the left is Stanley Dexter and on the right is H.J. Stewart, now retired and living in Schreiber (1964)
2661903. Dominion Day in Chapleau 1903, this being the 36th. The parade had reached the point on Main Street where it would be augmented by visitors arriving by train.

The wooden walk and path in the foreground would be leading to the Machanics Institute which was then located opposite the present Redwood Dining Room and to the Hudson Bay Store located in the rear of the present Hublitt Hotel.

To the left may be seen Langis and Jackman's Department Store, now the Bank of Montreal building (V.C. means the old B.of M. location);

J. McNeice Austin's general store, sold in 1903 to Beamish and Smith and later to Smith and Chapple;

an old house of unknown origing on the lot now occupied by Canadian Tire Corporation store (gone too, but about half way between Young and Lorne);

the Queens Hotel with its original facade and next to it an old house that was incorporated into the addition to this hotel;

and in the distance the old tenement now housing the Chapleau Public Library (gone too) east of the present Federal Building.

At the head of the fire brigade's hose reel may be observed Max Brunette and the dapper young dandy on his left with an umbrella in his left hand is Harold Keenan. The kettle drummer is Tommy Lonergan and on his left equipped with an umbrella and derby is William McMullen.

The leader of the group of soldiers standing to the left of the company in a much brocaded uniform is quite possibly Thomas Lonergan who had trained both Foot and Horse Guards for such occasions. In the parade no doubt would be pioneers of Chapleau such as the Currans, Downeys, Gillies LaFrances, Loneys, Mulligans, Loomis's, Chartrands and Noels. The children dressed in their Sunday best were pupils of Josie Buck and Loretta O'Meara.

2911904. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Fortin, one of Chapleau's pioneering families and three of their children. This picture was taken in 1904 and shows Maude, now Mrs. Zenon Rioux sitting, Fred known as Tarazan standing, and Eugene affectionatly called Froggie sitting on his father's knee.
171904. July 1st celebration in Chapleau in 1904. This picture was taken at the north or west end of of the C.P.R. store dept. and behind the present location of the Y.M.C.A. (torn down in 1970-71). Notice the "Travois". This is not typical of Chapleau or of its Indians exept those living in the open country or in the plains. It was usually made of two birch poles and was an Algonquin Indian invention. On this they could carry all their worldly posessions as well as older people as they wandered in search of game. At the beginning these were pulled by hand. Next they progressed to dogs and finally when the Spaniards introduced horses to North America, horses pulled the travois, known as the first moving van.
4321905. Kenney McCrea, another early resident of Chapleau. Taken in 1905.
4311905. J. Hannah, another early resident of Chapleau. Picture taken in 1905.
181905. July 1st celebration 1905. Taken on Lorne Street near present arena (since knocked down). In background is old arena built by Lombard Lafrance.
429Before 1906.Joe Chartrand is another pioneer of Chapleau. He operated the opera house on a lot now occupied by Bell Telephone. He built the Montreal House on the site of the present Hublit Hotel in 1899 (in 1999 an empty lot next to Guss's Restaurant,HK). The wooden structure was burned. Then he built the Algoma Hotel on the site. This was made of brick and is the present Hublit Hotel (now also gone, HK). He died in 1906.

Anne-Marie Smith, a great grand-daughter of Joe Chartrand provides the following additional info in 2008: "Joe's father, Treffle Chartrand came to Bisco in the 1800's with the railway. I am not sure how a Montrealer ended up in Bisco but I read in the local library in Chapleau that Bisco was a hoppin' hootin' town back in its early all lawless Canadian boomtowns were! Joe's son, Herve was born in Bisco, then the family seemed to move to the present Chapleau where Joe, Guillaume and Christina were born. Joe junior had a twin sister (Marie) who died at birth. Mrs. Joe Chartrand (nee Angeline Boivin) eventually brought her family to Ottawa after Joe's death."

"The writing on the photo is identical to that of my Great Aunt's, Christina (Grey Nun Aunt Teenia) that I can assure as I had plenty of samples in my music books!"
1961906. Mr. T.J. Godfrey and his first wife with daughter Marney and son James. Marney later became wife of William (Bill) Barnes of Chapleau. The Godfreys were pioneers of Chapleau. Picture taken in 1906.
1981907. Mr. and Mrs. Octave Boucher who were also pioneers of Chapleau with their family circa 1907. The family consisted at that time of (1) Dave, (2) Annie, (3) Henry, (4) Gordon, (5) Gilbert
1971907. Mr. and Mrs. William Henderson, also pioneers of Chapleau. Mrs. Henderson was a sister of Mr. Ennis Chambers. Picture taken circa 1907
3821908? Chapleau Brass Band at Schreiber, possibly in 1908. There are also a few people from Chapleau with many from Schreiber. Those known are as follows: (1) J.B. Dexter, (2) D.O. Payette, (3) Adelard Lafrance, (4) Tom Godfrey, (5) Billy Lauder, (6) Joe Windburn, (7) Tom Lonergan, (8) Tommy Jordan, (9) Teddy Crowhurst, (10) Victor Perpete, (11) Dick Nicholson, (12) Mrs. Percy Buncombe.
2231909. Chapleau residents taken prior to 1910. Below the first swift on the Chapleau River. No. 1 is Jack McKee who had the dubious honour of being the first person to be murdered in Chapleau. (1) Jack McKee, (2) Mrs. J.T. Serre (Mrs. Telephore Serre), (3) Mrs. Alec Langis, (4) Mr. J.Telephore Serre who is the father of Ron, Dennis & Rene (5) Joe Belanger who married J.T. Serre's oldest daughter Agnes.
3831909. The Chapleau Brass Band circa 1909, possibly on a field day in White River, and the Schreiber Band in dark clothes. Those known are as follows: (1) J.B. Dexter, (2) D.O. Payette, (3) T.J. Godfrey, (4) Irvine Charley (Schreiber), (5) J. Williamson (Schreiber), (6) H. Jacomb, father of Cliff Jacomb of Schreiber, (7) J. Hollis (Schreiber), (8) W. Ison (Schreiber), (9) Billie Boull (Schreiber). (10) D. Deegan (Schreiber), (11) Willard Daniels (Schreiber) killed in action 1st World War.
423Before 1910. Party of fishermen or hunters on Chapleau River in early 1900s before 1910 and possibly earlier. The gasoline boat was the first one to be brought to Chapleau and was purchased by Richard Brownlee. At a later date it was purchased by Jack Dexter, then much later by W.R. McAdam. It was a steel hull. (1) Gordon Sheppard, (2) Richard Brownlee, (3) ?, (4) Jack B. Dexter.
4521910 or earlier. Taken in Mulligan's Bay at or near the beach where Elmore Leight's cottage is now situated. The steamboat when the picture was taken belonged to Mr. Paddy Downey, father of Mrs. A.E. Evans, familarily known as Zita. The picture was taken circa 1910 or earlier. Those known are: (9) J.B. Dexter, (13) Mrs. V.J. Perpete, (14) Richard Brownlee.
1991910. Chapleau dandies in 1910. Back row left to right: Harold Kearney, George Fife (manager of Chapleau Electric Light Co.), Harry Wolfe (later a Magistrate), Bill Dunne, Gordon Sheppard, George Collinson (later Postmaster). Centre row, left to right: Pat Patterson (B&B Dept. C.P.R.), D.O. Payette, H.S. Hoofy Miller, Ernie Cressey, R.W. Green (manager of Traders Bank 1909 to July 1910). Front row, left to right: Unknown, Jack Allen, W.R. MacNamara (proprietor of MacNamara's Dept. Store)
1581910. Early pioneers of Chapleau, on the steps of the Langis and Jackman store in 1910. This building is now the Bank of Montreal (I think Mr. Crichton means the old location of the bank, HK.) Reflection of the C.P.R. shops in the window. Left to right, back row: Hoofy Miller, Wm. Card, Pete Johnson, Unidentified. Left to right front row: Unidentified, McIvor or McKeevor, George McCord, George Young, Jak Barnes. If anyone wants to get a better look at a face, I can put up an unreduced image of it, HK.
2541910. Method of plowing at Fort Kuckatusk or Flying Post on Horwood Lake, mortheast of Chapleau in the township of Keith. Prior to 1911. Two male and two female Indians are observed pulling the plough
42819??One of Chapleau's earliest pioneers, picture taken in early 1900s. (1) Richard Brownlee, (2) Mrs. R. Brownlee, (3) the first wife of Mr. Tom Godfrey. The young girl is possibly Marney Godfrey and the young lad Jimmy Godfrey, daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Godfrey.
1611911. July 1st celebration 1911. This picture shows the original water storage tank buit in 1910 and the original wooden bridge over the railroad. Some of the residents in the picture are as follows: (1) Reverend P. Soanes, (2) Henry Martin, father of Harvey, George and Elias Martin, (3) J.B. Dexter, (5) Wm. Hartley, father of Bernard Hartley.
2001911. Young bloods of Chapleau in 1911. Back row left to right: Albert Desjardins, unknown, unknown, Fred Burrows, unknown, unknown. Cetre row: unknown, unknown, Hill Gagnon, D.O. Payette. Front row: Jack Winder, Bill Chartrand, unknown, Henry Chartrand.
1321912. Chapleau Belles of 1912. Left to right: unknown, Mrs. Clarence Derby, Mrs. Herb Merrick, unknown. Lad in front is Hector Buncombe.
2571912. Chapleau Belles of 1912. Left to right: Evelyn Bowles, Pearl Dafoe, Mrs. Jim Stitt (Nellie Dafoe), Mrs. Jack McCarthy (Mariam Bowles), Mrs. James Cuppage (Grace Dafoe).
2011912. Male fashion of 1912. Back row left to right: Albert Desjardin, George White, George Collinson, Gordon Sheppard, Simon Kruger, Claude Christenson. Front row: D.O. Payette, Joe Magail or Magill, George Barclay, unknown, Tom Thompson.
4161912. Group of men at a bush camp near Chapleau in 1912.
2441912. Chapleau Belles of 1912. Left Margery Lott, right Jean Lamothe. Taken along the river bank at Chapleau.
4001913. Fashion in Chapleau, July 1, 1913. Left to right: Mr. & Mrs. (Norma Cummings) Oliver Leask, Irene Nolan (first wife of Lionel Nolan who was later in 1913 drowned at Loon Lake), Lionel Nolan, Olive (sister of Mrs. Nolan and now Mrs. Lionel Nolan, Jack Coulter.
2421913. Chapleau Electric Light and Power Co. dam in 1913, at the site of the present concrete dam near the hydro plant, with George Collinson.
2031913. Choir of Roman Catholic Church in Chapleau in 1913. (1) Mrs. William Therrien, (2) Albert Desjardins, (3) Mrs. Acquin, (4) Joe Albert, (5) Miss Simmoneau, (6) Randolph Serre, (7) Jeanne Lamothe, (8) D.O. Payette, (9) Alec Langis, (10) Father Gascon, (11) Victor Perpette, (12) Fred Leclair, (13) Mrs. D.O. Payette, (14) Lydia Langis, (15) Mrs. Pelton, (16) Mr. Pisanni.
1931914. Old time Chapleau residents taken at Mulligans Bay Post of Hudson Bay Co. near Chapleau in 1914. (1) Albert Desjardins, (2) Mrs. Desjardins, (3) Alec Langis, (4) Mrs. Adelard LaFrance, (5) Hill Gagnon, (6) Telesphore Serre, (7) Mrs. Alec Langis, (8) Mrs. T. Serre, (9) Mrs. Noel de Tilly, (10) Edward LaFrance, (11) Mrs. Hill Gagnon.
2041915. The first Communion breakfast held by the Chapleau Knights of Columbus in 1915. Picture taken at the end of Landsdowne Street near the old town dock to the right of the curling club. Note the toboggan slide across the river.
3361915. Doc Hustler, a noted Chapleau character. This picture was taken in 1915 on the sidewalk outside of Ernie Collins' home, 82 Birch Street. Doc Hustler lived in a small, dirty, dimly lighted shack dug into the side of the lane behind Edward Levesque's home, situated at 12 Aberdeen Street. He sold newspapers from an old baby carriage and was considered a general nuisance. In the first issue of the Chapleau Headlight on December 3, 1915, he inserted this notice: "That I Doc Hustler have gone out of the newspaper business and have taken up my tools and am now open to do all kinds of first class painting, paper hanging and graining. Anyone engaging Mr. Hustler will be assured of an A 1 job."
410 X1916. 2nd C.M. Regiment in Chapleau in 1916. Troops from trains usually paraded while the train was being serviced in those days.
4111916. Chapleau recruits of the 227th Battalion "Men of the North", taken at the station in Chapleau prior to their departure on August 12, 1916. Those known are as follows: (1) Vinnie Barkley (Mrs. Frank Leigh), (2) Frank Leigh (Reverend), (3) Archie McQuaig, (4) Percy Buncombe, (5) Ethel Buncombe, (6) George (Hotcakes) Linklater of White River.
2671916. Reverend Robert John Renison, Mrs. Renison and son. Taken in 1916 in front of the late G.B. Nicholson's home, situated one lot west of the corner of Beech and Lorne streets, now occupied by the Northern Medical Centre. The Reverend Renison who was later to become Bishop Renison of Moosonee, left his wife and son at Chapleau while he was on a canoe trip to Moose Factory at that time, recruiting Indians for the armed services. To the extreme right is a corner of the old Roman Catholic Church and also of the Roman Catholic Sacred Heart School.
2521916. Miss Mamie McKinnon, matron in charge of the Lady Minto Hospital in Chapleau from it's opening in 1914 to 1920. The picture was taken in 1916. Miss Mamie McKinnon is a sister of Mrs. Elsie Wilkinson who was health nurse at Chapleau for many years and wife of Dr. Steve Wilkinson
2711918. Harry Pellow and son Henry taken south of Kormak on November 15, 1918.
51918. Peace Parade on Aberdeen Street in 1918. Mrs. Mel Copping on the front float as Peace. Taken at corner of Aberdeen and Birch Street, looking north on Aberdeen.
371-371b1919. Fur bales bought by Adelard Lafrance of Chapleau being shipped to the R.F.T. Co. Ltd., 134 McGill Street, in Montreal. Picture taken in 1919. Here is a better and ureduced view of the people in this picture. (1) Mr. Soulier from Garden River, (2) Miss Pearl Tooke (remark by Hugh K.: Bud Park told me that Miss Tooke was his sunday school teacher), (3) Adelard Lafrance, (4) J. Robichaud, (5) Charles Leon, (6) Edward Lafrance, (7) Adelard Lafrance Jr., (8) Lawrence Lafrance.
2451919. Chapleau bathing beauties of 1919. Winnie McKee is on the left and Mrs. Eugene Grenier to the right.
3451920. What every backyard in Chapleau looked like before the early 1930s. There was the ever present weather beaten object, the outside privy. There was a woodpile and wheelbarrow and in many cases a T. Eaton Co. swing. This picture was taken about 1920 in the Crichton backyard at 86 Birch Street and shows Mrs. Helen Crichton with a visitor from Toronto, Grant Smith. In the lane behind the present day (1965) Payette Apartments, 20 Landsdowne Street, is the old log stable that was used as a dairy for many years by Blais and then by Vezina (Ben). It was also used as a horse stable in later years by William Fraser.
2891920. Joe Wrangham, shoemaker and cobbler. The two bulldogs were his constant companions. His shop was located where the present Chapleau Meat & Grocery Store is now located. The lot to the extreme left is where Eatons Mail Order Office is now situated. (both gone now, HK). This picture was taken circa 1920. The small sign above and to the left of the window reads "Frank Hartley, Baggage Transfer and Cartage".
2501920. Original wooden bridge across the Canadian Pacific Railway. Mrs. George Collinson on left and Mrs. Leo Block are seated in the foreground. Picture taken in 1920.
249 X1920. Original water storage tank in Chapleau. Mrs. George Collinson seated in the foreground. Taken in 1920.
414 X1920. Mr. Charles Reid, affectionately known as "Uncle Charlie". Picture taken about 1920 on the old wooden bridge across the railroad.
2531920. This picture was taken in 1920 an illustrates what every yard was like in the spring of the year and prior to 1940 and many yards to 1950. Wood was the principal source of fuel prior to the above mentioned dates. This picture was taken in the backyard of the house now occupied by Mr. Mansel Robinson, 36 Beech Street. Left to right are Margaret Kennedy, schoolteacher, and Mrs. Eugene Grenier.

One of Chapleau's earliest pioneer families, that of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mulligan (c.1895).

In February 2011 Mike McMullen identified the persons as follows:

Back Row: Patrick Mulligan, Catherine (Flannery) Mulligan

Front Row: Inez Mulligan, Catherine Flannery, Beatrice Mulligan, William Mulligan Patrick Mulligan was the oldest brother of our great grandfather James Edward Mulligan. The two Flannerys are both named Catherine (mother and daughter).

Mike McMullen goes on to say "Patrick Mulligan was the oldest brother of our great grandfather James Edward Mulligan. The two Flannerys are both named Catherine (mother and daughter)."

Further particulars relative to P.A. Mulligan may be found in the original history of Chapleau, written by Vince Crichton.

4131922. Leslie Evans, affectionately known as "Slide" and employee with the Chapleau Electric Light and Power Company for many years. This picture was taken at the company's upper dam on the Nebskwashi River at Sideburned Hill Lake. Picture taken about 1922.
1811922. Fashion in Chapleau 1922. The young ladies are Marney Godfrey and Jean Nicholson
227 1922. The cookery of the Continental Wood Products camp situated at the northeast end of Loon or Borden Lake, on lot 10, concession 2 in the township of Borden. This picture was taken in 1922.
228 1922. Same as 227 but showing a camp built of lumber to the side, another log camp behind the cookery and a tent pitched on the long wharf. Taken in 1922.
1831923. John Alexander Halliday and his grand daughter Eunice Pellow, taken in 1923. John Halliday was the first paid Fire Ranger at Chapleau. He acted in this capacity from 1914 until 1919.
101924. On right George Dafoe, C.P.R. conductor and one of the pioneers of Chapleau. Picture taken about 1924.
341 1924. Continental Wood Products camp at Nemegosenda (Trout) Lake in 1924. These camps were situated at the mouth of the Nemegos River where the Chapleau Outpost Tourist Camps are now located. Left to right:

Joe Brunette
Julian Proulx
Russel Barker

31925. Chapleau belles in 1925. Taken at the gate leading to Micky Lonergan's farm. The young ladies are Beatrice Allard on left and Stella Clouthier on right and were considered the height of fashion in those days.
340 1926. The cookery of the Continental Wood Products camps at Loon (Borden) Lake in 1926. These camps were situated on the sand beach at the portage to Service or Green Lake. From left to right:

Tommy Therriault
McIsaac, a ranger for the C.W.P.
Henry Simard
Vince Crichton

167 Rear view of a cannon made in Chapleau for use by artillery during the Riel Rebellion. This cannon was originally mounted on a block of hardwood. It was donated to the museum in Chapleau by Mrs. George Desson whose grandfather made the above piece.
168 Front view of the above mentioned cannon.
2481927. Same event as No. 246. The driver of the vehicle is Herb Lucas and that boy on his knee or sitting in front is his son David.
2461927. July 1st celebration in Chapleau marking the sixtieth year of confederation. Note the facade of the Algoma Hotel (later the Hublitt) behind the trees. Also the C.P.R. water tank and ice house. Picture taken in 1927.
3351927. The Chapleau Town Gang as it was commonly called, working on the water mains at the corner of Young and Beech Streets in Chapleau in 1927. They are as follows: Dick Swanson, Ned Scott, Stephen Potts. Seated is Albert Serre. Albert became a cook on the great lakes freighters.
2331928? Chapleau residents near Chapleau or Mulligan's Bay.
4531930. Indian Residents in front of McLeod's store on Landsdowne St. South. About 1930.The store was then operated by Edgar Pellow and Tony Cachagee was the manager. (1) Batiste Memegos, (2) Adam Memegos, (3) Ignace Memegos (father), (4) Willie Memegos, (5) Mrs. Memegos (mother), (6) Julie Quickigizik and baby in tikanogan, (7) Julie Qickigizik (this must be a mistake), (8) David Endogizik, (9) Simon Cheese (Cheesewahwininie), (10) Jimmy Shambett, (11) Mrs. Simon Cheese, (12) Edna ? who looked after the Cheese family, (13) Joe Memegos, (14) Susie Kitchigizik, (15) Tony Cachagee, (16) David Cheese.
3471931-32. Chapleau Belles circa 1931-32. They are left to right: Olive Card (Vezina), Muriel Bamford, Mary Wilson, Lynda Robinson, Beatrice Stedman (Curry). This picture is all the more interesting as it shows the old tin covered warehouse of Smith & Chapples, located where the grocery department of the said firm is now situated. It also shows the sign of the Dominion Stores when they first settled in Chapleau in the Pellow Building.
2471934. July 1st celebration in Chapleau 1934 in honour of the landing of Jacques Cartier in Canada. Note old facade of the Algoma Hotel.
3541934. Town Gang of Chapleau laying eight inch pipe (water main) on Young Street in 1934. They are as follows: On the left from left to right Frank McGoldrick, Nick Coreau, Unknown. On the right from front to rear J.B. Dexter (foreman), Phillip Levesque, Lyle McAdam, Mr. Delaurier, Unknown. Behind the pile of sand and resting on his hands is Charles Schroeder.
3431934. The first Chapleau Old Boy's re-union with Sudbury friends in the Nickle Belt Hotel in Sudbury in 1934. Standing left to right: A.J. Grout, Dave Whybray, Canon Vale, Hostess at the Hotel, Henry Remus, Hal Roseborough, Harry Morris, Geo. Collinson, Tommy Rose, Newt Pellow, Percy Collins, Grant Henderson, Leo Racicot, Stuart Rossiter, Leslie Evans, Unknown, William Card, Herb Riley. Sitting left to right: Dr. R.J. Ball, Vince Crichton, Tommy Therriault, Dr. R. Chapple, Dr. R. Gawley, Unknown, T.J. Godfrey, Reg. Thrush, W.(Bill) Mitchell.
1921934. On July 1, 1934, the 400th anniversary of the landing of Jacques Cartier, noted French explorer, on the coast of Newfoundland on May 10, 1534, was celebrated in Chapleau. Those in the picture are from left to right: John Burns, Eward Levesque, Hill Gagnon as Jacques Cartier, Gerard Tremblay, Joe Fortier. The first and last two mentioned were crew members with "Jacques Cartier", sailing on the Chapleau River on that date in 1934 in a replica of Cartier's ship (see picture of ship in Volume 1, No. 42).
3421935. Clowns providing the entertainment at Geo. Bucciarelli's annual picnic for the kids in Chapleau, July 1935. Back row left to right: Jack Brinn, Sid (Gal) Linklater, John Goldstein, Adelard Fournier, Vince Crichton, Vern Murphy, Bob Turner, Herb Lucas.

Front row left to right: Russel Goheen, Walter Paradis, Christy Matheson, Tommy Therriault, A. Serre, Tommy Delany, Charles Schroeder.

1661935. Chapleau Fire Department in 1935. (1) George Collinson, (2) Murray Shoup, (3) Octave Boucher, (4) Dennis Serre, (5) D.O. Payette, (6) T.R. Serre, (7) Tom Therriault, (8) Ross Kemp, (9) Gilbert Boucher, (10) Gordon Boucher (see also picture No. 198), (11) Richard Brownlee, (12) Rene Serre, (13) Chief Constable Pete Derry.
2651938. The vanguard of the parade opening the second winter Carnival in early March 1938 in Chapleau.
3991939. Pioneer residents of Chapleau at a farewell party in the home of Mrs. Charles Reid in May 1939 to bid adieu to Mrs. James Phillips upon here retirement from Chapleau with husband Jim. Back row left to right: Mrs. Wm. Jardine, Mrs. Robert Hopper, Mrs. Harry Morrison, Mrs. Ed Woodard, Mrs. George Young, Mrs. Robert Carmichael. Front row left to right: Mrs. Jack Corston, Mrs. W.R. McAdam, Mrs. Manderville (visitor), Mrs. Charles Reid, Mrs. James Phillips.
27019?? Turning the sod ceremonied for the start of sewage installation in Chapleau. From left to right: Dr. Lougheed, A.J. Grout, Cecil Smith, Foreman for Construction Company, Walter Steeds, T.R. Trush, B. Zufelt (Mayor), Ernest Lepine, Max Brunette, J.M. Shoup, Richard Brownlee, Dr. G.E. Young, Geo. Fife, Ovide Payette, Charles Collins. The two girls in the back are Carol Ann (babe) Chambers, Joan Kemp. Please e-mail us if you know when was this picture take.
1241944. William Draper, affectionately known as Old Bill was an employee of the Department of Lands & Forests from 1911 to 1949 at Chapleau and Biscotasing. He died at Chapleau on September 1, 1957 at the age of 92. He was a veteran of the Boer and First World Wars and was light heavyweight champion of the British Navy for a number of years. He ran ivory out of the Congo in his youth before emigrating to Canada in the early 1900s. Picture taken in 1944.
418Early milking machine This looks like an electric motor driving a vacuum pump that would have been used for milking purposes. The two objects in the foreground are the milking buckets with the udder attachments. This is the opinion of John Gaughan, a longtime Irish farmboy from Co. Meath and Joe Burns, a former resident of Chapleau (47 to 52).
9 Mrs. Keenan, one of the pioneers of Chapleau. Date of picture unknown.
1911947 In August 1947, a bronze memorial was unveiled on the lawn at the Candian Pacific Railway station to the memory of Louis Hemon, author of Maria Chapdelaine. Hemon was killed three miles west of Chapleau in 1913. From France, for the occasion, came Hemon's sister and his daughter. Accompanying them was a Miss Cartier, a direct descendant of Jacques Cartier. Seated on the right is Miss Cartier and on the left Miss Hemon.
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