The Arthur J. Grout Photo Collection

Chapleau in the late 1940s and early 1950s. These Slides were taken by Arthur J. Grout and made available here by David and Marilou Futhey.
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Please help us identify the people in this collection
1 February 1951. John Fortin and George Black.
2 February 1951. Three men with Diesel Unit No. 4017.
3 February 1951. John Woodard looking out at the window of Diesel Unit No. 4017. George Black on the ladder.
4 Winter Carnival sometime in early 1950s. What year was this and who are the people in the picture.
5 February 1946. Cutting ice on the Chapleau River.
6 Tom Bain cutting ice on the Chapleau River, February 1947.
7 Blocks of ice, February 1947. Who is this man?
8 The Chapleau beach in the 1950s, looking west.
9 The Chapleau Beach in the 1950s, looking east.
10 Chapleau from the air in 1949.
11 Three men in June of 1951.
12 Group of people in June of 1951. Who are they?
13 The Chapleau Road, now Highway 129 in 1941.
14 The Chapleau Road (Hwy. 129) in 1944.
15 Smith & Chapple's garage on the south side of Birch Street in 1952.
16 The new mill in Devon, 1946.
17 The Garden at the C.P.R. Station in 1949
18 The Lady Minto hospital in 1948.
19 An early snowmobile in Sudbury. One is Ross Whitney. Which one and who is the other? February 1947.
20 The first paving of the Chapleau streets. Who are the men and what year was it?
21 First car through the Chapleau Road (now highway 129) in February 1949.
22 Smith & Chapple's Store in 1948 and 1950 and part of the staff. Who are the people?
23 Chapleau CPR station in 1948.
24 The old storage tower for Chapleau's drinking water in 1949.