The Arthur J. Grout Collection

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On the left is Earle Soothern (identified by Dr. Bill Pellow). In the centre is Tomas J. Godfrey. On the right is Oliver Korpela (identified by Peter Lougheed).

Vivian Bloom tells us that this photo was taken the day Highway 129 was opened officially, Jan. 29. 1949. She goes on to say:

"The man holding the sign, was my great-grandfather, Thomas J. Godfrey, the person responsible for the building of the highway. He had the honour of being the first car down there for the ceremony. Unfortunately, it was his last day as he died during the opening ceremonies. You can find several pictures of him in the other site from the library. The fellow with him was also a member of his curling team. They had represented Northern Ontario at the Briar the year before. I have seen him in many of the pictures with my great-grandfather who also owned the curling rink and pool hall in those days."

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