The Chapleau Public Library Presents

Dr. W.R. (Bill) Pellow's Photo Collection
from Chapleau's Past 1940s to 1964
with his own comments.


1952. Three of J.O. Pellow's daughters in Pat Pellow's inboard boat "Phantom" at Rose's Cottage "down the lake" (note entrance to Jackson Lake). Left Stancil (Pellow) Banting, Margaret and Edith (Pellow) Morrison. This boat could really travel. One night after a party, the crew missed the turn at the beginning of the narrows. The boat skyrocketed right onto high marsh ground. It took the five-men crew to float it again in the Chapleau River. Big Bernard Lacosse cut his shoulder wide open on the front bow steel, shoving it back into the water. Then a party was a "party".