Dr. William R. (Bill) Pellow's Photographs and Comments

The CPR Station at Chapleau, approximately 1955. On the ground level was the travellers' waiting room and ticket office. Next was the operator's office, then the yard foreman's and car checking staff, and on the extreme right Mrs. Lord's restaurant. The conductor's and brakeman's booking-in-room entrance was at the rear of the station. On the second floor where the superintendent's office, CPR policeman's office and the signal supervisor's office. On the extreme right over the restaurant there were living quarters and a few rooms for VIPs.

Many a man sweat when he was called upstairs to make a statement for some misdemeanour or to report on some careless or unfortunate mishaps (including the writer). Many men descended these stairs feeling disconsolate and depressed, knowing their life with the CPR was terminated.

No. Year Picture
18 1933 The PIG PEN
161 1938 Some well known Chapleau men.
60 1938 Section crew at Devon
4 1943 On a bright sunny day
70 1945 Jack "Fleegle" Mitchell icing the passenger train in Chapleau.
20 1947 The Chapleau fire of 1947. Fateful aircraft.
21 1947 The smoke billowing over the old town hall.
22 1947 More smoke
65 1948 Ernie Shock and Bill Pellow in front of steam locomotive.
61 1952 Chapleau train crew
62 19.. Chapleau residents
40 1952 What a "real boat" was like
1 1952 The beginning of Pellow's Cottages
2 1953 More on the beginnings of Pellow's Cottages
3 1953 The first tourist to Pellow's Cottages
41 1954 Tee Chambers, Harry Pellow and Aldee Martel
71 1957 William R. Pellow and his dad Clifford Pellow.
67 1961 Caboose life.
66 1961 Ossie Pellow, conductor CPR
69 1962 Alco Locomotive Works locomotive #4090 and Chapleau crew.
63 1960s Pogamasing Station
68 1963 Express passenger train No. 5, enroute Chapleau to White River.
8 1964 Donation of an antique rifle to N.R. Crump Many other people are also visible.
156 1976 The interior of the "bar" caboose.