1957. William R. Pellow and his dad Clifford Pellow. It was always a thrill to get called on a trip with my dad. He let me run the locomotive most of the trip. Starting out this way was alway a highlight. Notice the deer hide watch strap holding my pocket watch in my overalls. Deer hide was the in thing to use. It was strong and durable. He never wore gloves or mitts even in the extreme winter months. Occasionally he would wear a thin pair of masons white gloves. God.. he was a tough man. He washed and ironed his overalls after each trip and starched his hat and placed it on a shaped piece of wood to keep the proper form. He used to get teased when he went out with white hats. Others would say they looked like a paint can sitting on his head. He was a smooth and intellectual locomotive engineer. He knew every little sag and bump on the road and ran his locomotive to provide the conductor the smoothest ride on the system.