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Historical photos from the Chapleau Public Library
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Who can remember Mae and James Stevens? The top photo was taken about 1923, came from California. It was sent by Heidi Cantwell whose grandmother Phyllis is the daughter of James and Mae Stevens. Phyllis was born in Chapleau and moved away when she was 17. The picture shows James Stevens and two of his daughters, Bernice on the left and Phyllis on the right. Phyllis Stevens, who became Phyllis McKean, now lives in California where she enjoys visiting Chapleau on the internet. Phyllis also visited Chapleau in person in 1998 for the highschool reunion.

1923. The middle picture shows Mae Stevens in the background with her five daughters. They are from front to back, Audrey, Bernice, Phyllis, Leona and Ida. There were also six boys. The house is now 39 Elm Street, on the corner of Elgin Street.

About 1918-1919. The lower picture is of James and Mae Stevens (Mae on the left) and their daughter Ida in the centre. The three young children are left to right Leona, Bernice and Phyllis. James Stevens was a tie inspector for the C.P.R. The picture was taken at Nicholson.