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Historical photos from the Chapleau Public Library
and from various other donors


Dedication of the steam engine in 1964

The James Rose House 1912

The old mill site at Nicholson 19??

Lady Minto Hospital about 1914 to 1916

The old Catholic Church 19??

Programme of the Reception to Returned Soldiers 1919

West end of Pine Street 1922 or 1923

James Stevens family 1918

Chapleau men at Rideout Station 1923

Air base on Como Lake 1923 to 1927

Curtis HS-2L flying boats moored at Como Lake 1923 or 1924

Smith & Chapple's store on the corner of Birch and Young 1925

Steam engine with Chapleau men 19??

Aerial view of Chapleau 1928

Aircraft. Canadian Vickers Vedette in late 1920s Canadian Airways crash 1933

Chapleau seen from the tobogan slide 19??

The tobogan slide on Slaughterhouse Hill

C.W. Collins Stores in fall of 1939

C.W. Collins Stores as it looked from 1948 till the renovation in 1958

In the School Car at Ridout 1947

Second picture of the School Car at Ridout 1947

Third picture of the School Car at Ridout 1947

The fist sawmill of A. & L. Lafreniļæ½re near Racine Lake 1949

Chapleau from an airplane in the winter of 1955

The approach to the old horseshoe bridge taken from Birch Street 1954 or 1955

The old location of the Royal Bank and the Dominon Store 1955

Smith and Chapple's store on the corner of Birch and Young in February of 1959

Stinson Reliant airplane owned by Theriault Air Service about 1960

A view of Chapleau in the 1960s at the hight of the town's prosperity

On the Horseshoe Bridge in 1973

On Birch Street in 1973