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HK5 (27K)
Late 1920s. Aircraft Canadian Vickers Vedette I. We don't know when exactly this photo was made. It shows aircraft G-CANE moored at Dorman's dock in Nicholson, a little west of Chapleau. This photo was shared by Monica and Albert Tremblay of Chapleau. The Canadian aircraft registry contains the following information about this registration: G-CANE, 1928. Canadian Vickers
Type Vedette I
CV-75. Wright J-5 Whirlwind
12.6.28, C 402, International Airways of Canada Ltd., based at Roberval, Que.

1930. Certificate lapsed. Placed in storage.
ST J.A. Sanscartier Montreal, Que. NTU (had been converted to Mk.II with J-4)
24.8.32 P 1188 A. Nihon, Montreal, Que. (Mk.I with J-5)
23.8.33 cerificate lapsed - hull in poor condition - wings used to rebuild G-CAND