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The Chapleau Public Library presents Vince Crichton's
complete collection of historical photographs.
Photo of Vince Crichton

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Volume 1
Contains mainly Photos of Chapleau People.

Mr. Crichton's splendid collection of historical photographs is presented here to the people of Chapleau and other interested persons with the generous permission and cooperation of Mr. Crichton's son, Dr. Vincent J. Crichton.

Mr. Crichton has given his hometown a legacy of several hundred photographs that document Chapleau's past, its surroundings and its people. The item numbers in this index correspond to the numbers that Mr. Crichton assigned to the photos. Included with the pictures are Mr. Crichton's comments.

Most images in Volume 1 consist of two photos. Use your horizontal and vertical scroll bars to view the hidden portions.

If you want to look for a reference to a certain name, we suggest that you use the FIND function of your browser. Be sure to search for the last name only. You might also do a Google search.

1-2 2 hunting parties 1924-25, Brunette, Dexter, Read, Allen, Retty, Doolan, LaFrance, Gagnon
3-4 2 groups circa 1919, Young, Phillips, Morrison, Edwards, Unknown, Erickson, Schroeder, Campbell, Connaughton, Carmichael, Corston, Campbell, Erickson, Phillips
5-6 Chapleau men 1914, Thompson, Clarke, Jordan, Collinson
7-8 2 men circa 1929, 2 ladies 1913, Sommers, Jacobs, Keenan, Fraser, Lott
9-10 Fishing at Loon Lake 1919, kids early 1920s, Blackburn, Barnes, Schroeder, Young
11-12 Chapleau men, 1911 & 1924, Dexter, Rathwell, Collinson, Thompson, Scovil
13-14 Lorne Nicholson 1915 or 16, Dominion Day 1933
15-16 Dr. Wilkinson and family mid 1920s, Band Stand
17-18 X Band stand again, Boy Scouts 1927
19 Fire trucks 1920s - 1980
20-21 Vince Crichton and Raoul Bernier spring 1926, Dr. Sheahan late 1920s
22 Town Band about 1920 or 21. McKee, Leclair, Payette, Dexter, Ryan, Jordan, Lonergan
23 Orange Picnic Grounds, about 1915. Bowles, Gibson, Pellow, Stone, Vice, Downey, Stokes, Roberts
24-25 Boat and a group about 1913. Biarden (Biardon?), Snowden, Dafoe, Cuppage, Bowles, Roberts
27 Mr. Mark Bowles, a pioneer of Chapleau. Picture taken possibly early 1930s. The Bowles home is located at 46 Lorne Street North, corner of Lorne and Pine.
28-29 Ladies 1914 and hunting party. Hogg, LaMotte, Dexter, Gagnon
30-31 Two young men about 1914 and two more in spring 1926. Nicholson, Crichton, Bernier
32-33 X First camp on Mulligan's Bay 1913. Clown band late 1930s. Morris, Shilladay, Kelland
34-35 William McLeod's trading store in 1920s. Dominion Day 1927
36-37 Two youths 1910 or prior. Two fishermen 1916. Dexter, Keenan, McMitchell
38-39 July 1st celebrations 1930 and 1927. Waboose, Memegos, Vincent, Quakegesic
42-43 Dominion Day and 2 firemen 1934. Gagnon, Serre, Dexter.
44-45 Three young people 1914 and group with dead bears 1917 or 18. Dexter, Ryan, Lamotte, Pirie, Barty, Green
46-47 Orange Picnic 1913 or 14 and cooks at Chapleau highway construction camp 1935. Dexter, Pelton, Rathwell, Mulligan, Hogg, Lamotte.
48-49 X Armistice Day 1934. Waywhite, McDonald, Woodard, Chapple, Jordan, Wolfe, Serre, Simpson, Collins, Quelch, Jones, Comte, Fife, Morrison, Banks
50-51 W. Hartley with deer about 1920 and C.P.R. shop staff about 1911.
52-53 Cree Ladies and children about 1920. Grave marker, Jonah
54-55 Landsdowne Street about 1920, Birch Street Chapleau 1910 or ealier
56 Methodist (later United) Church parsonage, very early 1900s
57 Tom Godfrey and his boat, about 1923.
58-59 Dominion Day 1927 and view of town from the old wooden bridge 19?? Copping
60-61 Main Street 19?? and Dominion Day 1927. McCoon, Dumontelle
62-63 Wifred Muske early 1930s. Dr. Wilkinson early 1920s
64-65 Motor boat 1906 or 07. Main Street about 1913-14. Dexter, Hicks
66-67 Chapleau 1913 and pump house 1935. Whitney, Dexter.
68-69 Kebsquasheshing Golf Club 19??. Town gang working on water main. Swanson, Scott, Potts, Serre
70-71 Town gang 1934 and baseball team 1916. McGoldrick, Coreau, Tremblay, Delaurier, McAdam, Levesque, Dexter, Schroeder, Godfrey, White, Morrison, Matheson, Gascon, Guthrie.
72 W.C. Guthrie's "Pet Dwarfs" in 1916. Young Elephants, Guthrie, Nicholson, St. Amand, Killins, McMullen
74-75 Fishing party 1912 and Jack Whittner the barber 1916. Collinson, Keenan, Brownlee
76 Group at the rapids 1911 or 12. Godfrey
77 Birch (Main) Street about 1906. Dewey, Sampson, McEwen, Brownlee, Morin, Ross, Smith & Chapple
78-79 At Mulligan's Bay about 1930 and skiing group about 1930. Muske, Payette, Godfrey, Lyness, McAdam, Crichton, Haig, Mooney
80 Wedding of Amy Pitts and Len Green 1924. Lyness, Nixon, Langworthy, Ryan, Nicholson, Hands, Blodgett, Clark, Brinn, Whybray, Fadden, Muske, Wedge
81 The old C.P.R. Station in 1924
82-83 St. John's Anglican Church about 1919. Brunswick House on Big Missinaibi Lake in 1936
84-85 Old Bark Lake headquarters of Ontario Forestry Branch. Group of men late 1920s or 1930. Kinney, Godfrey, Prewer
86 X Anglican Synod early 1930s. Chapple
87 Birds eye view of Chapleau about 1912.
88 Another birds eye view of Chapleau about 1912
89 Birch Street Chapleau before 1913
90-91 Chapleau houses on Pine Street before 1913. C.P.R. yard and shops in early 1900s
92-93 New C.P.R. station built prior to 1910. Richard Simard and grandaughter Irene 1950
94-95 Picnic at Chapleau 1910-12. Curling team 1928. Matheson, Godfrey, Hogg, Nicholson.
96-97 Gasoline motor boats 19??. Indian group in the 1920s. Godfrey, Prewer, missionary.
98-99 Corinne Therriault 1921-22. Bush fire 1948. Paquette.
100-101 Chapleau west side of tracks 1913 or earlier. 8-End Curling Club 19??. Therriault, Crichton, Morris, Raciot, Vale, Pellow, Merrifield, Evans
102-103 Group about 1928. Grey Owl (Archie Belaney) and Anahero, about 1920. Crichton, Leethorn, Scotty ?, Watson, Fraser.
104-105 Lochalsh station about 1935. Hudson Bay post New Brunswick House 1935. Crichton.
106-107 X New Brunswick House store 1944. Softball game 1933. Crichton.
108-109 Same softball game 1933. Young ladies about 1934. Vezina, Bamford, Wilson, Robinson, Curry, Stedman
110-111 Backyard scene about 1919. Ontario Forestry Branch at Bark Lake in very early 1920s. Crichton, Smith
112-113 X New Ontario Forestry Branch on Bark Lake after 1930. Department of Lands and Forests at Biscotasing 1949.
114-115 Lands and Forests at Biscotasing 1949. Staff of Lands and Forests at Biscotasing 1949. Marsdon, Punstel, Doyke, Phillips, Espaniel, Kohls, O'Donnel, Daley, Billings, Commanda.
116-117 X House in Biscotasing. Towing Barrels at Biscotasing 1949. Espaniel.
118-119 X Inside warehouse and workshop in Biscotasing. Provincial Air service with Noreseman in Biscotasing 1949. Kokls, Kokles, Punstel, Commanda.
120-121 X Provincial Air Service in Biscotasing (same as No. 119) 1949. The first bridge accross railroad track in Chapleau about 1922. Water storage tank.
122-123 Class of young ladies in 1926. Lumber mill in Biscotasing 1926. Ashdown.
124-125 General Store at Biscotasing in early 1930s. Bill (C.A.) Pellow on his dog cart delivering laundry in Chapleau about 1910
126-127 Lodge 11 Ontario game and Fisheries cabin on Missinaibi Lake about 1926. Ontario Game and Fisheries cabin north end of Missinaibi Lake 1935. Jardine, Crichton, McGoldrick
128-129 X At Como Lake 1935. Picard, Sauve, McCall.
130-131 Old boat at New Brunswick House about 1949. Cabin at north end of Robinson Lake about 1929. Hemphill, Crichton
132-133 The village of Franz about 1940. Grand Trunk engine in Devon 1924. Bourgon, Levesque, Lepine.
134-135 Last day at work for Fred J. Morris 1953. Tom Godfrey and his son Kenneth 1928-29. Whybray, Coulter, Nixon, Card, Morris, Leigh, Reid.
136-137 Working horses building the Chapleau Highway 1928 or 29. Rock drilling by hand 1928-29. Fox.
138-139 Working on the Chapleau Highway 1928-29
140-141 Horses pulling rocks on Chapleau highway. Only grader in use then 1928-29. Godfrey.
142-143 Model T Ford and working horses. Model T and young ladies 1928-29. Godfrey, Allard, Vezina.
144-145 Classy cars on the Chapleau highway 1928-29. Model T, Overland.
146-147 Chapleau Band early 1920s and latter part of 1920s. Payette, Leclerc, Godfrey, McKee, Jordan, Lemieux, Perpete, Bridgen, St. Amand, Dickie, Mascoe, Lonergan, Coleman, Dexter, Brunette, Cuffredia, Petroskey, Fawcett, Levitt, Stevens
148 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen's picnic 1919. Hendersn, Kinney, Lauder, Stanley, Hopper, Morris, Chrichton, Young, Schroeder, Evans.
149-150 View of C.P.R. track towards old bridge and water tower late 1940s. Old time residents of Chapleau about 1910-11. McMullen, Nicholson, Godfrey.
151-152 Young men of Chapleau 1910-12 and in late 1920s. Morris, Morin, Sheppard, Godfrey, Goldstien, Westerman, Leigh
153-154 X Laberge lumber camp 1919. Softball game 1933. Crichton, Reid, Crowhurst, Burrows, Shoup.
155-156 Picnic on Chapleau River about 1911. Young men on steps of poolroom about 1912. Godfrey
157-158 Motor boat on Chapleau River in early 1900s. Train crew on engine about 1919. Godfrey, Holden, Pellow.
159-160 Woman on railway tracks. Who is it? Forks Hunt Club about 1920. Godfrey, Edwards, McKee.
161-162 Elois (Dada) Lemieux with his delivery wagon 1924. Collins & Matters Departmental Store 1935.
164 X Chapleau from a rooftop early 1920s.
165 Lorne Street Chapleau 1926
163-167 Robert (Bob) Lemieux with his team of horses 1937-7 and picture of Robert Holding. Lacroix
166 Birch Street Chapleau 1928.
168-169 The old power house 1922. Hangar of Eclipse Airways about 1933. Scott, Evans.
170 An aircraft belonging to Austin Airways about 1933.
171Comment by Hugh K: I have not yet found this photo but will include it when I do. Mr. Crichton describes a photo of an aircraft of Eclipse Airways as bearing this number.
172-173 The C.P.R. station 1922-23. Austin and Nicholson lumber mill at Dalton 1937. Austin boys in boats.
174-175 Dalton mill of Austin & Nicholson Lumber Company about 1937. Old flying boat perhaps late 1930s.
176 The same flying boat as No. 175.
177 Class of public school students 1921. Robinson, Madge, McVey, Midkiff, McAdam, Stewart, Moore, Young, Corston, Harris, Crichton, Pellow, Clifton, Nixon, Wrangham, Umpherson, White, Schroeder, Cachagee, Potts, Bolduc, Trott, Thompson, Robinson

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