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The Chapleau Public Library presents
the historical photographs of Vince Crichton.

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Chapleau and the Canadian Pacific Railway Presented by the Chapleau Public Library

These photos are part of the Vince Crichton Collection. Use the FIND function of your browser to look for names. For best results, search for the last name only.

Train in Chapleau Station 1906

Picture No. 13. Engine No. 824 seen here in the Chapleau Station in 1906 was built by the C.P.R. in 1903. The headlight was a carbon arc lamp while the marker lights were kerosene. This track was then the main line but is now the third track from the present station, known now as the steam or runaround track.

Mr. Crichton wrote in the 1960s that the station as shown here consisted of two buildings. They were the station proper for operators, staff etc. and a smaller building with the waiting and baggage rooms. These two buildings were later moved to lots on Monk Street. The buildings where purchased, and moved to their present sites and then remodelled into dwellings by G.B. Nicholson. The old station proper was later owned by Walter Steeds and was his residence at 37 Monk Street. The baggage and waiting room were later the residence of Arthur Whybray and Adam Andrews at 33 and 35 Monk Street.

Ian Macdonald tells us more about the station buildings. Read about that here

Engine No. 824 is seen here pulling the overseas mail train.

276 1886. Chapleau rail yard
16 1886. C.P.R. yards in Chapleau and engine No. 281.
179 1886. Chapleau C.P.R. Station in 1886.
281 Percy Osgood in 1887
278 E.B. Snow about 1887
277 1888. C.P.R. office and staff. Murphy, Nicholson, Rodger, Duchesnay, Kennedy, Kyle, Arthur, Hepburn, Austin, Hicks.
280 M.A. Rafferty about 1890
15 1896. First coal burning locomotive in Chapleau
160 1903. Walter Evans, others and locomotive.
430 Group of Chapleau railroad men, 1903. Lauder, Godfrey, Wilson, Parent
457 1905. The old pole trestle across the river.
3691907 or later. Engine No. 1695 and crew of work train.
14 C.P.R. Station in Chapleau at completion in 1909. Deakin.
297 Before 1909. Locomotive with LaFrance, Retty, Churoskie, Stuart, Buncombe, Ritchie, Gagnon, Allen, Stokes, Park, Kenny, Desbiens
134 1910. Herb Merrick and locomotive.
322 1910. C.P.R. rail yard
155 1911. Engineers and firemen. Ryan, Bernhard, Remus, Hewitt, Delaney
323 Chapleau station and town water storage tank in 1911.
435 Wreck of an immigrant train at Brunel on April 11, 1907.
180 1912. Train crew. Brunette, Blackburn, Martin
156 C.P.R. firemen and engineers, 1912. Delaney, Cummings, Small, Quigg, Keenan, Riley, Remus, Dunfield, McCarthy
175 Many Chapleau men with locomotive in July 1912. Keenan, Nicholson, Dixon, Leclair, Godfrey, Lafrance, Wolfe, Payette, Dexter, Coulter, Falkerts, Vallincourt, Ray, Freeman, Riley, Allen, Pellow, Kenny, Muske, Dexter, Tokarchuck, Park, Stanley, Lauder, Cressey, Winburn, Gillie, Turcotte, Thompson, Huit or Hewitt, St. Amand, Fournier.
296 1913. Henderson, Stone with locomotive
174 1913. Blackburn, Gagnon with locomotive
372 Part of the Chapleau Canadian Pacific Railway shop staff in 1913.

1 Tommy Therriault, 2 Jack Coulter, 3 Adam McKee, 4 Harry Hall, 5 John Herner, 6 Sam Fortin, 7 Bob Stewart, 8 Bob Cummings, 9 Alf Barkley, 10 Ernie Freeman, 11 Orval Allen, 12 Johnny McKee, 13 Dave Grinton, 14 Hank Smith, 15 Joe Fortier, 16 Pete St. Pierre, 17 ? Thompson, 18 Bill Fraser, 19 Ray Donivan, 20 Tom Ferguson, 21 Theo Goldstien, 22 Bob Dawson, 23 Joe Windburn, 24 Scotty McGowan, 25 Arthur Barnes, 26 Joe Williams, 27 Mike Hebenstiener, A) Joseph Stadnisky.

398 1915. James Encil
421 Train wreck in April of 1917.
12 Car barn crew, 1919. Swanson, Mitchell, Sanders, Simard, Harley, Haskins, Smith, Linklater, Edwards, Wolotka, Tawn, Moore, Somers, Telik, Grinton, Hopper, Cochrane
364 A dinner held in the dining room of the Y.M.C.A. at Chapleau on May 10, 1919. 1 Jack Radke, 2 Jack MacCarthy, 3 Clarence Darby, 4 William Card, 5 William Scotty Thompson, 6 Jerry H. Brooks, 7 George Ritchie, 8 Charles Reid, 9 Andy Lauder, 10 W.R. McAdam, 11 Ed Murphy, 12 Walter Evans, 13 Leo Block, 14 James Encil, 15 Heb Merrick.
290 1920. Station at Ridout. Erickson, McAdam, Fortin, Hands.
295 Canadian Pacific yards in Chapleau in 1920.
402 Part of the crew engaged by Revillon Freres in May 1920. Saylors, Burns, Lord, Brunette, Kade or Cade, McAuley.
2551920. At Ridout. Nixon, Collings, Fortier, Robinson, Mummah, Dionne (two), Gaitskill, Bosse, Roussel, Pineault.
142 Canadian Pacific Railway work-train crew at Biscotasing in 1920. Chappie Wallace, unknown, George Desbiens, Jack McAdam, Cliff Curry, unknown, Herb Therrien.
221 Work train at Ridout in October 1920. 1 Mr. Dumont from Cartier, 2 Fred Charbonneau section foreman from Roberts, 3 a son of Mr. Dumont (No. 1), 4 unknown, 5 Joe Dionne extra gang foreman from Cartier, 6 Tom Burns C.P.R. brakeman, 7 Robert (Bob) Faught C.P.R. conductor, 8 Hill Gagnon C.P.R. engineer, 9 Walter Steed C.P.R. fireman, 10 Hiram Paul C.P.R. brakeman.
220 C.P.R. work train at Ridout, November 1920. 1 Mr. Frappier, 2 Mr. Latour, 3 Mr. Turcotte bridge and building foreman C.P.R. Chapleau, 4 James Machan C.P.R. conductor, 5 Jim Norty, 6 Joe Dionne extra gang forman for Cartier, 7 Mr. N. Roussel from Chapleau, 8 Alphonse Bouliane, 9 Hilaire Chasse, 10 Wm. Brazel C.P.R. fireman Chapleau, 11 Wm. Connaughton C.P.R. engineer Chapleau. (The engine appears to be No. 3847 or 3547)
397 Freight train at Ridout in early 1920s. McKee, Morrison, Gagnon
176 Train wreck east of Chapleau in 1921. Caused by a washout of the tracks. Occured east of Metagama.
325 The first overhead bridge across the C.P. railway in Chapleau. About 1921.
350 1922. Lepine, Bourgon with steam locomotive.
268 Many Chapleau people and engine No. 2304 in 1923. Geo. Foley (blacksmith), Jim McTague, Bill Skeins, Cork Robinson, Chas. Norris, Hank Smith (locomotive foreman), Jerry Brooks (master mechanic), Wm (Bunt) Burrows , Theo Goldstien, Frank Hamlin, Adam McKee, Jack Raye, Bill Grinton, Andy Smith, Jack Banks, Johnny McKee, Len Green, Clint Loney, Bob Cummings, Fred Welch, Majorique Therriault, Robert McKee, ? Montary, Fred Lewis, Joe Blais, Arthur Simard, Harry Riley, Fred Therrien, ? Mussolini, Ed (Pet) Lemieux, unidentified, Louis Boullion, Paul Martin, Joe Burns, ? Salvadore, Nick Principe, Louis Fiaschetti and Hank Smith's two daughters.
162 Rear view of C.P.R. station in Chapleau in 1924, showing the park and bowling green.
394 C.P.R. station in Chapleau in early 1920s, looking eastward. Perpete's store is in the right background.
298 1928. Locomotive No. 2350, formerly No. 2319.
344 Lepine, Delaney with steam engine prior to 1939.
94 Joe Lepine and unknown at Sultan. First gasoline powered engine prior to 1939.
292 Five C.P.R. locomotives in the yards at Chapleau. This picture was taken in 1939.
362 Interesting photo of Chapleau rail yard in 1946
190 Melville, Pellow, Gagnon, Thompson, Almond, O'Brien, Remus, McLean, McCarthy in 1947.
395 Wreck of the C.P.R.'s crack train, "The Canadian", on April 17, 1965. Here is another view of it.

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