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The Chapleau Public Library presents
the historical photographs of Vince Crichton.

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These photos are part of the Vince Crichton Collection. Use the FIND function of your browser to look for names. For best results, search for the last name only.

208 1887. The first brass band in Chapleau taken in 1887. None of the members are known.
3181888. Charter members of Missanabie Lodge, Independent Order of Oddfellows at Chapleau.
209 1889. Chapleau Brass Band in 1889.
425 1890. Lacross team of Chapleau, ready for a game for the July 1st celebration in 1890. None of those in the picture are known, but it is possible that Mr. Dick Brownlee is in the group, as this was a treasured photograph of Mrs. Brownlee's.
426 Circa 1890. This is the only picture that might be questionable. It is of a Lacross team, possibly in Chapleau circa 1890. Whether it is a local team or a visiting team for a July 1st celebration is not known.
210 1902-03. The Chapleau Brass Band circa 1902-03. Those known are as follows: 1 Jim Boyd, 2 J.B. Dexter, 3 Pete Chouinard, 4 Harry West, 5 Joe Winburn, 6 Tom Lonergan, 7 Alec Sweezy, 8 Tom Downey, 9 Harry Moore, 10 ..... Leyman or Lehman, 11 Bob Allen, 12 Dick Nicholson, 13 Stanley Dexter.
211 1905. The Chapleau Brass Band taken at south-east corner of Birch and Landsdowne Streets, July 3, 1905. They are as follows: 1 Mickey Lanigan, 2 Max Brunette, 3 Joe Windburn, 4 Dr. Jim Gillie, 5 Harry West, 6 Stanley Dexter, 7 J.B. Dexter, 8 unknown, 9 Tom Lonergan, 10 unknown, 11 unknown, 12 Fred Burrows, 13 D.O. Payette, 14 Alec Sweezy.
2161905. Chapleau Association Football Club, July 31, 1905. They are as follows.

Back row left to right: unknown, unknown, Steward (first name unknown), who was the Principal of the Public School, Billy Fox.

Centre row left to right: Ed McLaren, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Front row left to right: Teddy Crowhurst, Omar Royal, Armstron (first name unknown), Harry Cummings.

217 1905. Chapleau Hockey Team, 1905. Back row left to right: Harry Chartrand, Mill Morrison, Dr. Merril, unknown.

Centre row left to right: unknown, Tom Tompson, D.O. Payette, unknown.

Fron row left to right: M. Quesnel, Omar Royal.

451 1906-07. Chapleau Hockey team circa 1906-07. 1 Bill Morrison, 2 Tommy Thompson, 3 Ovide Payette.
436 About 1908. The Chapleau Lacrosse Team in front of the Mechanic's Institute and Library, about 1908. This was situated opposite the Redwood Dinig Room (Jim Hong's restaurant). They are: 1 George B. Nicholson, 2 James Austin, 3 Herb Stuart or Stuard, 4 Tommy Lonergan, 5 Max Brunette, 6 Richard (Dick) Brownlee. The rest are not identified.
212 1909. Chapleau Brass Band taken at Chapleau in 1909.

Back row left to right: Tom Lonergan, Fred Burrows, Harry West, Victor Perpette, Tom Godfrey, Charlie Mills.

Centre row, left to right: J.B. Baxter, Alec Sweezy, D.O. Payette.

Front row, left to right: Billy Wallace, Unknown, Tommy Jordan, Joe Windburn.

213 1909. Chapleau Brass Band taken in the vicinity of the Chapleau C.P.R. station possibly in 1909. They are as follows: 1 J.B. Dexter, 2 Alec Sweezy, 3 Tom Godfrey, 4 Unknown, 5 Unknown, 6 D.O. Payette, 7 Billy Wallace, 8 Unknown, 9 Joe Windburn, 10 Tommy Jordan.
157 1909. Orange Lodge annual picnic at the Orange picnic grounds, July 12, 1909.

1 Ed Woodard, 2 Harry Pepper, 3 Bob Levy, 4 Tom Edwards, 5 Herb Riley, 6 Charles McNight, 7 Ira Snider, 8 Jim Hewitt, 9 Henry Remus, 10 Jack Myers, 11 Bob Jeanette, 12 Bob Keayes, 13 Bill Hartley, 14 Joe Winburn, 15 George Snider, 16 Elgin Pellow, 17 ??, 18 ??, 19 Wm. Linklater, 20 Orville Allen, 21 Duncan Matheson, 22 Billy Lauder, 23 Bob Carmichael, 24 Fred Welch, 25 Jack Hanna, 26 Jack Corston, 27 Walter Evans, 28 ??, 29 ??, 30 ??, 31 Fred Collings, 32 Frank Edwards, 33 Bill Smith, 34 Christie Small, 35 Sid Byers, 36 Jack McNight, 37 Bill Armstrong.

445 1910-11. Chapleau Hockey Team circa 1910-11. 1 Robert McEwen, 2 Richard Brownlee, 3 Gordon Sheppard, 4 Adelard LaFrance, 5 George Collinson, 6 Tommy Thompson, 7 Tom Godfrey, 8 Ovide Payette, 9 Wilfred Wolfe, 10 Ernest Cressey.
455 1911. Chapleau Hockey Team in 1911. The trophy in the centre is the McEwen Cup, emblematic of hockey supremacy in Chapleau. It was donated by Robert McEwen of Chapleau. The team is as follows:

1. Peter Moran, 2 ... Sheppard of Sheppard & Wolfe, 3 Simon Kruger, 4 Harry Morris, 5 ... Lahay, 6 Oscar Tremblay, 7 Ken McFadden, 8 ... Mulligan, 9 Herb Merrick, 10 Robert McEwen.

39 Chapleau Hockey Team, 1912. Back row left to right: Geo. Collinson, R. McEwen, E. Cressey, Wilfred Wolfe.

Middle Row left to right: Ron Serre, ... Mayer, C. Mulligan, D.O. Payette.

Front row left to right: Harold Keenan, T.H. Wolfe.

454 1912. Chapleau Hockey Team and executive in 1912. This was the days of a seven-man hockey team.
Back row left to right: Fred Leclair, Dr. J.J. Sheehan, Oliver Lesak, B.E. Lewery, Fred Knox, H.S. Meller.

Centre row left to right: Simon Kruger, Tom Thomson, Oscar Tremblay, Omar Royal, Gordon Sheppard.

Front row left to right: D.O. Payette, Ernie Cressey, T. Harry Wolfe.

214 1913. Chapleau Brass Band at Schreiber taken on July 12, 1913. They are as follows from left to right:

J.B. Dexter, D.O. Payette, unknown, Joe Windburn, Adam McKee, Tom Lonergan, Adelard LaFrance, Victor J. Perpette, unknown, Tom Godfrey, unknown, Tommy Jordan.

236 1915. Independent Order of Odd Fellows on Decoration Sunday parade in August 1915.
3911915. Some members of the Forks Hunt Club at their camp on the Spanish River east of Forks Siding about 1915. Left to right standing: Max Brunette, Bill Allen, Jack Dexter, Sam Retty, Jack Doolan.

Kneeling left to right: Noah Brunette, Adelard LaFrance.

215 1916. Chapleau Brass Band taken on July 1, 1916. Back row left to right: Fred Leclair, Joe Windburn, Harold Keenan, T.J. Godfrey, Saul Witchell, Stanley Dexter, D.O. Payette.
388 1916. Part of the Pogamising Hunt Club, all residents of Chapleau, at Pog Hunt Camp, east of Pogamising Siding on the south shore of the Spanish River. Picture taken about 1916.

Left to right: Tom J. Godfrey, Charles Beacock, Frank Edwards, Jack McKee, unknown, Charles McKee, Tom McKee.

346 1916. August 23, 1916. Reverend Father R. Gaston's baseball team known as the Young Elephants.

Back row left to right: Oscar Tremblay, unknown, Tom Godfrey, unknown, Geo. White.

Front row left to right: unknown, unknown, Christy Matheson, Harry Morris.

331 1918. The Forks Hunt Club. Max Brunette, Noah Brunette, Sam Retty, Jack Doolan, Bill Allan, Adelard LaFrance, Hill Gagnon, Eli Brunette, Stanley Dexter.
40 Chapleau Hockey Team, 1919. Left to right.

Back row: ... Clouthier, Fred Kelland, Alec McAuley.

Front row: Hank Boucher, Buster McAdam, Bob Turner, Amon Saylors, Ken Sheppard.

287 Date uncertain. Members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Fireman and charter members of Ladies Auxiliary.
1 Harry (Rosy) Morrison
2 Clarence Darby
3 Alf Clifton
4 James Encil
5 Wilfred Muske
6 Jim Scott
7 William Card
8 Andy Fraser
9 Percy Buncombe
10 William Jardine
11 George McCord
12 Harry Whybray
13 Barney Mulligan
14 Orville Allen
15 V.J. Perpette
16 William Thomson
17 Christie Small
18 Charles Vice
19 Adelard St. Amand
20 Miss Copeland from North Bay
21 Barney Doonar
22 Andy Fraser
23 Mrs. Fred Hands
24 Fred Hands
25 Leo Block
26 Lionel Nolan
27 Robert White
28 Arthur McAuley
29 Fred J. Morris
30 Arthur Whybray
31 Mrs. Allen, organizer from North Bay.
32 Mrs. Geo. McMeekin
33 Fred Futhey
34 Mrs. Robert Hopper
35 Mrs. Harry Morrison
36 Mrs. Percy Buncombe
37 Mrs. Maude Moore, of St. Thomas. First Grand President of the Ladies Auxiliary to B.L.F.
38 Mrs. Walter Midkiff
39 Norma Cummings, later Mrs. Oliver Leake
40 Mrs. Lionel Nolan
41 Mrs. Charles Vice
42 Mrs. Walter Leigh
43 Mrs. V.J. Perpette
288 Date uncertain. Charter members of Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. This picture was taken at the inaugural meeting on the steps in front of Perpette's Store and Hall, now Houde's Supermarket at 2 Elm Street. The entrance to Perpette's Hall is at the extreme right. Those in the doorway were William Card, George McCord and an unknown chap.

Back row left to right: Mrs. Geo. McMeekin, Mrs. Harry Morrison, Mrs. Lionel Nolan, Mrs. V.J. Perpette, Mrs. Fred Hands, Mrs. Walter Leigh.

Centre row left to right: unknown, Norma Cummings (Mrs. Oliver Leaske)

Front row left to right: Mrs. Robert Hopper, Mrs. Allan the organizer from North Bay, Mrs. Percy Buncombe, Mrs. Charles Vice, Mrs. Maude Moore First Grand President from St. Thomas, Mrs. Walter Midkiff.

374 1925. Sir Earl Haig inspecting members of the Harry Searle Branch of the Canadian Legion at the C.P.R. station in Chapleau in 1925.

1 Sir Earl Haig
2 William Lyness
3 Dr. S. Wilkinson
4 Ed Wilkins
5 Sam Chappise
6 T.R. Serre
7 Sid Frost
8 Len Green
9 Fred Wallace
10 Chas. Schroeder
11 Steve Therriault
12 Frank Hamlin
13 Tony Fortunato
14 Andrew Smith
15 Geo. Collinson
16 Hiram Howard
17 Mrs. Hiram Howard
18 Mrs. Faulkerts
19 Harry Searle
20 Walter Ritchie
21 Wilfred Langis
22 Fred Futhey
23 Joe Blais
24 E.R. Montcrieff
25 R.K. Smith
26 Fred Matters
27 Frank Leigh
28 Joe Fortier

373 1925. Sir Earl Haig adressing the members of the Canadian Legion and residents of Chapleau at the C.P.R. station in 1925. 1 Sir Earl Haig, 2 G.B. Nicholson, 3 Harry Searle, 4 Rev. Father R. Gascon, 5 Countess Haig, 6 Mrs. Walter Leigh, 7 Rev. J.H. Moore.
7 Sometime prior to 1927. Chapleau curling team from left to right: Dunc Matheson, T.J. Godfrey, Johnny Hogg, G.B. Nicholson. Taken prior to 1927 at the old curling club and arena situated on the site of the present arena. (It is unclear which location Vince Crichton is referring to. Verification would be appreciated)
195 1927. Chapleau Brass Band taken on the steps of the Municipal Hall in Chapleau in 1927. The members of the band are as follows:

1 Tom J. Godfrey, 2 Adam McKee, 3 D.O. Payette, 4 Tom Glaister, 5David Lucas, 6 Ken Godfrey, 7 Bob Perpette, 8 Octave Fortin, 9 Ida Stevens, 10 J.B. Dexter, 11 Tommy Jordan (Band Master), 12 Mabel Swain, 13 Walter Midkiff, 14 John Futhey, 15 Joe Petroskey, 16 Walter Paradis, 17 Edward (Pet) Lemieux, 18 Bob McKee, 19 Raoul Lemieux, 20 Fred Leclair, 21 Captain Allen (Salvation Army), 22 Stuart Chapple, 23 Pascal Cuffreda, 24 Harold White, 25 V.J. Perpette, 26 Wilbur Mascoe, 27 Joe Perpette, 28 Elois Lemieux, 29 Wilf Fawcett.

422 1929. Canadian Pacific First Aid Team from Chapleau at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, in 1929.

Those in white, from left to right are: Robert K. (Bob) Smith, Andrew (Andy) Smith, Harry Searle, Vernon Goldstein, Ernest Quelch. In the centre, dressed in a dark suit, is W. Shakespeare, C.P.R. first aid instructor for eastern lines.

4 Possibly late 1920s. Members of the Kebsquasheshing Golf Club at club house, possibly in late 1920s.

On verandah left to right: Miss S. Pallet who was the High School Principal, Mrs. T.J. Godfrey.

Back row left to right: V. T. Chapple who was the owner of Smith & Chapples, Mrs. Dr. Gawley, Mrs. Mel Coppings, Mrs. Wm. Grinton, Mrs. A.A. Kinahan, Mrs. Geo. Fife, Mrs. McClellan, Mr. McClellan who was later Principal of the High School, High School Teacher name unknown, Geo. Fife who was the manager of Chapleau Electric Light and Power company, Mrs. Helen Crichton, Hilda Burch, Mrs. Geo. Collinson, Geo. White the druggist, Wm. McMullen the assistant superintendent of C.P.R. at Chapleau.

Front row left to right: Rev. Father R. Gascon, Geo. Collinson the postmaster, A.A. Kinahan the manager of the Royal Bank, Mr. McGregor the superintendent of C.P.R. at Schreiber, T.J. Godfrey the Indian Agent, Ovide Payette, Mrs. Earle Soothern, Mrs. Wm. McMullen, Mrs. Stewart.

251 1933. Some members of the Kebsquasheshing Golf Club at Chapleau in 1933. Note the tobogan slide in the backgroung.

1 Mrs. Jack McLellan, 2 Mrs. Harry Wolfe, 3 Mrs. Geo. Collinson, 4 Mrs. Geo. Fife, 5 Mrs. W. Grinton, 6 Mrs. A. Kinahan, 7 Mrs. Mel Copping, 8 Mrs. Dr. Sheahan, 9 Mrs. Buck Stone, 10 Mrs. G.L. White, 11 Miss B. Pallett, 12 George Collinson, 13 Mrs. A.L. Morse, 14 Mrs. D.O. Payette, 15 Reg. Thrush, 16 D.O. Payette, 17 Geo. L. White, 18 Mrs. T.R. Serre, 19 Miss Hilda Burch, 20 C.P.R. Supt. McGregor, 21 Mrs. Allen Austin, 22 Mrs. E. Soothern, 23 Mrs. Helen Crichton, 24 Mrs. Wm. McMullen, 25 Mrs. T.J. Godfrey, 26 Mrs. R.J. Gawley, 27 Dr. R.J. Gawley, 28 V.T. Chapple, 29 Mr. Couseneau, 30 Wm. McLean, 31 T.J. Godfrey, 32 Geo. Fife, 33 Father Gascon, 34 Ron Serre, 35 Wm. McMullen, 36 John McLellan, 37 A.A. Kinahan.

Score Card Score card of the Kebsquasheshing Golf Club. Date unknown. The card folds in the middle. On the left is the outside front and back, on the right the inside when unfolded. Folded, the card is 2 X 4 inches.
304 1951 or 52. The Cub Scouts of Chapleau in either 1951 or 1952.

Back row left to right: David McMillan, Jack Pointer, Roger Mizuguchi, Michael Morris, Norman Wright, Jerry Goheen, Jimmy Machan, Bob Fink, Jimmy Evans, Bernie Poulin, Kenny Schroeder, Vince Crichton.

Middle row left to right: Mansel Robinson, Angus Baker, Brian Boucher, Harry Pellow.

Front row left to right: Irwin Snidzins or Snow, Richard Blais, Brian Demers, Ted Demers, Jimmi Bucci, Lawrence Comte, Jimmy Schaefer.

Standing at left is cubmaster Jack McNeil and on the right is assistand cubmaster Lillian LeClair.

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