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Part OneChapleau Stores
2721880s. Mr. T.A. Austin opened his first store in a small building on December 15th 1885 under primitive conditions and obscure surroundings. This small primitive building with canvas roof developed into the store as observed in this picture.

In 1888 he sold this business and store to James McNeice Austin, father of William and Allan who were long time residents and were associated with the Austin Lumber Company. This very early venture by T.A. Austin is the father of the present day business known as Smith & Chapple's Limited. (Now 1999 the Village Shops). The location of this early store was possible where the the gent's furnishing department of the present firm (Smith & Chapple's) is now located, as one can readily distinguish the building on the corner of Young and Beech now known as 10 Young Street (extreme left in the photo). This building, situated at 10 Young was a Canadian Pacific Railway structure, brought up from Biscotasing where it was used as a restaurant and possibly used as such in Chapleau for a short period.

In late 1886, Austin built the small lean-to on the east side of the store in which Mr. Richard Brownlee who came to Chapleau on February 6, 1886, operated a barber shop as indicated by the barber pole with an oil lamp attached. Mr. Brownlee opened a barber shop in February 1886 in a tent in the vicinity of the Lady Minto Hospital where the old village which was later to become known as Chapleau was located.

The upstairs was used as a lodge room as indicated by B.L.F. This mean the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, the number of which in Chapleau is 321. Mr. T.A. Austin was Chapleau's first postmaster.

2731903 or before. Mr. James McNeice Austin came to Chapleau as a young man from Renfrew in 1888 and purchase the firm of T.A. Austin and Co. Some time later he erected a new building as shown in this picture at the corner of Birch and Young Street. This building is now (1960s) part of Smith and Chapple's Ltd. store and is used as the ladies wear department (still used as such by the Village Shops in 1999). In 1903 he sold the business and store to Beamish and Smith. On January 17th 1907 it became known as Smith and Chapple. Note the oil street lamp at the corner of the board sidewalks.
3341900, early. Originally a small store built by Austins of Chapleau in the very early 1900s and purchased by William McLeod who operated a general store and fur buying business. This store catered to the Indian population of Chapleau and district. In 1924 or 1925 it was sold to Edgar Pellow of Chapleau who carried on the business as established by Wm. McLeod with the exeption of fur buying. It was located on Landsdowne Street near the corner of Cedar Street and is now (1960s) a warehouse, owned by the Department of Lands & Forests. Notice the display of Fly Tox and goods displayed on the outside, such as trunk, screen doors, paddles and rake. Seated are Indians waiting to make purchases.
205 1905. Beamish and Smith's general store, formerly T.A. Austin's store, then Smith & Chapple's and now (1999) the Village Shops, taken on July 3, 1905. The two chaps in the centre are left R.A. Beamish who later founded a chain of Beamish stores in southern Ontario and to the right centre, Stuart Smith, the original Smith of Beamish and Smith and of Smith and Chapple's.

The two other chaps on the outside ar unknown. Behind the store may be seen Octave Boucher's Butcher Shop on the corner of the lane where the present (1960s) funeral parlor is located. Notice also the oils street light on the corner.

205a 1905. Beamish and Smith's general store. This is the same picture as No. 205 above, but unreduced and showing better detail.
1900s early. Canadian Tire Store in early 1900s. Note the articles for sale; sawhorse, shovels, sleighs and geese or ducks hanging from the rack.
386 1906. The Brownlee Block showing the barber shop in what is now (1960s) the liquor store. The door on the right right is the entrance to the apartment above the store. Next 22 Birch Street East and at the extreme left, 20 Birch Street East, the entrance to the poolroom above what is now (1960s) Fournier's Snack Bar. This entire block is now (1999) a parking lot. Picture taken about 1906.
392 1907. Pool and Billiard Parlour owned and operated by Tom J. Godfrey, standing, at 20 Birch Street East, now (1960s) Fournier's Snack Bar. Picture taken circa 1907.
28 1909. V.J. Perpete store. In 1960s Neighbourhood Grocery and in 1999 Houdes's Supermarket. Corner of Elm and Dufferin (by the C.P.R. station). Picture taken circa 1909.
361 1911. C.A. (Bill) Pellow and his laundry delivery at the corner of Beech and Lorne streets, circa 1911. Mr. D.O. Payette was agent for the Pembroke Steam Laundry at that time and Bill delivered the parcels with his two dogs. Note the wooden sidewalk.
206 1912. Smith and Chapple's general store in circa 1912. Not all of those shown are employees. Note the boots and coat for sale on the outside of the building. The men are as follows, beginning left to right with the chap at the extreme left wearing a moustache. J.Telesphore Serre, Tom Thompson, D.O. Payette, unknown, unknown, Harold Keenan, Geo. Collinson. Front row, beginning with the chap wearing bowler hat: Jack Gillis, Joe Blais, Bill Dunn.
177 1913. Interior of the hardware department located in McNamara's General Store taken in 1913. This store was located in the old Bank of Montreal Building situated opposite the Hublit Hotel (north-west side of corner of Birch and Young). Mr. Fred Leclair, father of Mrs. Robert O'Hearn is observed behind the counter with apron and hat. Notice the display of goods from the ceiling. This method of displaying articles was in vogue until the 1930 and is stil the method used for advertising in many of the smaller stores in smaller communities (1960s).
25 1913. Bob Moore, brother of Bill Moore, who eventually settled in England, with delivery service of McNamara's stores in Chapleau, located where the old Bank of Montreal was, corner of Young and Birch. Picture taken in 1913.
178 1913. Part of the grocery department in McNamara's General Store in Chapleau in 1913. Mr. Fred LeClair is second from the right behind the counter. Mr. Charles Collins of C.W. Collins Stores Ltd. in Chapleau is the young man standing in the foreground with hands on his hips.
269 1913. "The Man's Store" operated in the Ross Block by Sheppard and Wolfe. This store occupied the site of the present Chapleau Insurance Agency office (in 1960s. This block is gone now in 1999) and the west half of the Model Drug Store. This picture was taken circa 1913 and the chap in the centre is Fred Mitchell, the brother of Jack and Sidney Mitchell.
207 1913. Smith and Chapple's staff picnic in 1913. This picture was taken across the lake on the present golf course. The satff is as follows:

Back row from left: Jack Smart, D.O. Payette, Percy Pryor, George Oliphant, Bert Wigmore, J. Telephore Serre, Joe Blais, V.T. Chapple.

Centre row from left: G.J. Collinson, Martin Muldoon, Grace Ellis, Marian Bowles (Mrs. Jack McCarthy), Grace Dafoe (Mrs. James Cuppage), unknown, Jim Fraser, Jim Cuppage. The two sitting in front are unknown.

226 1913. Part of the staff of Smith and Chapple's in 1913. From left to right: Walter Davis, G.J. Collinson, George Oliphant, Bert Wigmore, Martin Muldoon, T.R. Serre Sr.
237 1915. Smith and Chapple's store in 1915 after its expansion. This picture was likely taken in the fall of the year as noted by the display of firearms and hunting equipment in the centre, which was the hardware department.
238 1915. This is the left side and original part of Smith and Chapple's store. At the back may be seen the grocery department. The front was ladies wear and dry goods, but the right side of this section shows mouth organs, balls, baseball gloves, lacross sticks and a table model phonograph and a large phonograph on the extreme right. The left side displays many bolts of cloth. In the centre hangs an oil lamp for emergency purposes as electric power was not always reliable in those days. This picture was taken in 1915.
240 1915. This is the centre and hardware section of Smith and Chapple's store, taken in 1915. Note the offices to the rear and the stairs that led to the warehouse above. It is interesting to note the old type kerosene or coal oil stove with oven, Bissel's carpet sweeper, hammocks, steel stoves, fly screen, canoe cushions, horns and pans.
239 1915. This is the right side of Smith and Chapple's store, the men's department. Note the ready-made topcoats and suits, the stiff hard collars, straw hats, soft hats, ties, boxes of boots, and trunks. Taken in 1915.
24 1916. Boucher's Butcher Shop, located on lane where Smith & Chapple's Funeral Parlor is now (1960s) located (in 1999 on Young Street, right next to the Village Shops). Picture taken in 1916. Left to right: Unknown, Harry Moore, Octave Boucher the proprietor. Deliver service in form of horse and wagon.
23 1919. Bucciarelli's General Store in 1919. Left to right: Ralph Lemieux, Frank Principe, Earl Campbell, Geo. Bucciarelly, William Moore.
235 1920s. Old frame business building that was situated on the east end of the lot that the Federal Building now occupies; that is on the corner of Birch and the lane behind the Post Office. To the left may be seen part of the old Roman Catholic Church and to the right part of the pries's home. That part of the building to the right is is a drug store operated by and owned by George L. White. On the left is the Ross jewelry store. Those in front are from left to right: George Collinson, L. White, Griffin Mulligan.

The upstairs was used as a batchelor quarters by Geo. Collinson and others.

In the early 1920s the part on the right was occupied by a Mrs. Gilbeau or Miss Gilbeau who operated a millinary store for a number of years. At a later date, George Hunt established a jewelry store and watch repairing emporium in the part previously occupied by Ross Jewelers. Later in the depression of the 1930s, a suit cleaning and pressing establishment was opened in this building by Existe and Eunice Benson, familiarly known as "Exhaust" and "Eunie". Later, prior to its demolishment, Steve the Presser for many years conducted a suit repairing, cleaning, pressing and tailoring business from this site.

417 1927. The Algoma Dairy milk delivery wagon in 1927. Log building in background was bull pen.
274 Late 1920s or early 1930s. Mr. and Mrs. V.T. Chapple. Mr. Chapple came to Chapleau in 1907 and purchased Beamish's share in the firm known as Beamish and Smith. On January 17th 1907 the store became known as Smith and Chapple and in 1914 it became Smith and Chapple Ltd.
294 1937. The staff of Collins & Matters Stores in Chapleau, now C.W. Collins Stores Ltd. in the fall of 1937. Back row left to right: Fred Card, Fred Matters, Charles W. Collins, Herbie Vezina. Front row left to right: Olive Vezina, Beth Inges, Gertrude Currie (or Curry)
4191930s The Boston Cafe, now (1999) the Redwood Dining Room. Standing outside are Fong Hong on the left who is the father of Yen and Jim Hong and on the right Dennis Serre, the father of the late Joe Serre.
Part TwoChapleau Schools
284 1905. Chapleau Public School built in 1901 on the site of the present (1960s) High School. This picture was taken 1in 1905 and shows the jackpine trees on the street and in the school yard.
302 1907. Mrs. Simon Kruger's class at the Chapleau Public School in 1907.

Back row from left:
Maurice Serre
Anni Lonergan (Mrs. Geo. Desson)
Angeline Turcotte
Violet McLaren
Leslie Holmes
Ted Novis
David McAdam
Ralph Lemieux
Wilfred Boullion
Joseph Allery
Bunt Burrows
Pat Petroskey

Second row from left:
Stanley Fox
Mena Lamothe
Anna Rathwell
Winnie Wallace
Irene McKee
Florida Brunette
Kathleen Pellow (Mrs. Buch Russel Stone)
Myrtle Stokes (Mrs. Tom Delaney)
Florence Pirie (Mrs. Tony Fortunato)
Nelly Loney
Muriel Tooke
Jessie Hamilton
Ophelia Noel (Mrs. Daniel Brunette)
Harry Robinson
Sid Mitchell

Front row from left:
Margaret Godfrey
Howard Holmes (Rev. H. Holmes)
Lolita Best
Julia Brunette (Mrs. Christie Small)
Percy McAdam
Margery Turcotte
... O'Riley
Arthur Serre
Ovide Lariviere
May O'Riley
Bernie Woodard
Leondrust Darby
Teddy Monroe
Mrs. Simon Kruger who was the teacher of this class is at the extreme left of the second row. This picture was taken on October 1907.

6 1908. First class of pupils at Indian School in 1908. This school was across the Nebskwashi or Indian River at the east end of Birch Street or Main Street. The principal was the Reverend Mr. Duke, teachers being Miss Sutherland on left and Miss Refrell on right.
286 1910. Senior Students at the Chapleau Public School in 1910.

Back row from left:
Lillian Rose (Mrs. Archie McQauig)
May McDonald (Mrs. Anderson)
Laura McAdam (Mrs. Enice Chambers)
Pearl Dafoe
Eva Dexter
Eveline Grant
Mina Bertrand (Mrs. William Therrien)

Middle row from left:
Jenny Donivan (Mrs. Quigg) Irene Hopper (Mrs. Jack Coulter)
Betsy Faulkets
Ada Rose
Mary Soanes
Irene Anderson
Agnes McAdam (Mrs. Earl Freeborn Sr.)
Nellie Dafoe (Mrs. James Stitt)

Front row from left:
... Winters
... Flanagan
Earl Woodard
Eddy McLaren
Frank Leigh
Henry Pellow Sr.
Ray Donivan

349 Circa 1910. Pupils at the Chapleau Public School, circa 1910.

Back row:
1, Edit Robinson (Mrs. Bert Wooley)
2, Pearl Tooke
3, Gwen Levy
4, Cora Hopper
5, Jennie Smiley
6, Eva Petroskey (Mrs. Jack O'Brien)
7, Hazel Robinson (Mrs. Jim Robinson)
8, Francis Anderson
9, Florence Pirie (Mrs. Tony Fortunato)
Centre row
10, Margaret Godfrey
11, Rose Moore (Mrs. Jack Ritchie)
12, Cassy Pellow (Mrs. R. Stone)
13, Verona Vice (Mrs. Leo Racicot)
14, Vina Kinney
15, Olive Levy
16, Mabel Watson
17, Phoebe Hopper
18, Florence Ellis
Two boys in short row
19, Paddy Petroskey
20, Bernie Woodard
Front row
21, Bob Smiley
22, Eric Soanes
23, Sid Mitchell
24, David McAdam
25, Marshal Lauder
26, Jim Godfrey
27, Edward (Buster) Smith
28, Willie Smith
29, Bill Bickett
30, Percy McAdam

285 Circa 1910. Group of Students at the Chapleau Public School, circa 1910.

Back row from left:
Harry Ford
Alice McWatch
Edna Pirie (Mrs. Len Perfetto)
Agatha Leahy
Vinie Barkley (Mrs. Frank Leigh)
Lera McLeod
Melissa Smith

Centre row from left:
Nellie Pirie (Mrs. Jack Green)
Minetta Vezina (Mrs. Fred Bernier)
Edna McLeod (Mrs. Horace Collins)
Beulah McAdam
Mina McAdam
Edith Sheppard
Doreen Vice

Front row from left:
Alvin Leigh
Albert Dafoe
Richard Bickett
Maurice Soanes
Bob Turner
Lloyd Vice
C.A. (Bill) Pellow
Howard Halliday
Harry Smith
Alf (Chappie) Wallace
Adrien Cummings or Harry Payne
Norman Kenny
Bob Smiley
Harry Watson
Edward Bertrand
Fred (Pat) Swanson
Wm. (Bill) Moore

123 1921 Chapleau Public School built in 1901 on site of present (1960s) High School. Picture taken in 1921.
258 1922. This building was the first school to be erected in Chapleau as a permanent building. It was built circa 1890. It was used as a dwelling from 1901 until it was torn down in 1946. It was the Goldstien home for many years and was located opposite the present (1960s) high school at 21 Pine Street. Picture taken in 1922.
32 1924. Destruction of the first Indian School by fire in 1924. This was located across the Nebskwashi River at the east end of Birch or Main Street.
30 1924. Ojibwe Indian Reserve in 1924. Lark Ritchie tells us: "this settlement is down the back river south of the indian bridge... it was the home of the Memogos family and their relatives... some of the buildings might still be standing.. but if you get on the railway tracks, you can match the landscape."
326 1926. Girls of the Chapleau High School in 1926.
1, Marjory Rosetter
2, Allie Barker 3, Helene Clement
4, Winnie Nixon (Rosetter)
5, Lillie McKee
6, Mabel Swain
7, Queenie Matheson (Halliday)
8, Muriel Hunt (Morris)
9, Annie Crichton (George)
10, Lettie Brazil (Joice)
11, Unknown
12, Catharine Way-White
13, Betsy Doig
14, Unknown
15, Jeanne Michaud (Mother Provincial)
16, Emily Donald
17, Unknown
18, Unknown
19, Velma Robinson
20, Francis Young
21, Winnie Hands
22, Velma Francis
23, Norine Crowhurst
24, Lily Glaister
25, Jeanette Ouellette
26, Lola Vice (Bernier)
27, Blance Newcombe
28, Elsie Hunt (Zufelt)
29, Alma Pearson
30, Nelly Howard (Goheen)
31, Lillie Wrangham
32, Dora Morris (Crichton)
33, Connie Way-White
34, Angeline Dumontelle (Shaw)
35, Josephine Therriault
36, Lily Haskins
37, Mary Edwards
38, Rita Kruger (Bedford)
39, Eva Nixon
40, Mr. Ashdown, Principal of the school
8 1926. High School Cadets with Albert (Gus) Evans at extreme left in 1926.
231 1931. Chapleau Indian Residential School built near the Pineland Cabins (in 1999 Sid's Service Station)and the old Hydro plant. To the right is the home for the employees of the Chapleau Electric Light Co. This picture was taken in 1931.
384 19??. There is no comment with this photo, but is seems to show the same Indian residential school as picture No. 231 above.
Part ThreeOntario Forestry Branch
173 The first forest ranging headquarters built in the Chapleau district, located at Bark Lake, approximately 30 miles south of Bisco. No information is available as to date of building. On the inside walls of this cabin are names and dates, the oldest of which is 1909 in pencil with an indistict name. Among the others are:

1910, Wm. Kinney, Chief Ranger Gore Bay
1911, C.A. Duval, Chief Ranger, Pembroke
1914, C.A. Duval, Chief Ranger, William Draper, Bisco, and Archie Belaney (Grey Owl), Bisco.
1916, Keith Acheson who at this date (1966) is Regional Director of Lands and Forests, stationed at Sudbury.

The lumber for the roof of this cabin was secured from the old Hudson Bay Post, originally a Northwest Company Trading Post, at Green Lake in the township of Fulton, south west of Bisco.

This cabin still stands today (1960s) alongside a new modern cabin and it is hoped that the Department of Lands and Forests will take steps to preserve this wonderful landmark.

184 1920s. Ontario Forestry Branch patrol cabin at the northeast end of Loon or Borden Lake in the township of Borden. Taken in the 1920s.
232 X 1927. Ontario Forestry Branch in Chapleau, 1927. Very similar to No. 128.
133 1928. Ontario Forestry Branch on the Point in Chapleau. Taken in 1928.
309 1932. Ontario Forestry Branch base at Sultan, circa 1932.
230 After 1939. Bark Lake Forestry Branch cabins as they appeared after the construction of the new cabin in 1939.
186 1941. Ontario Forestry Branch staffhouse and office in Chapleau, 1941
187 1941. Same as 186 but showing the garage.
358 1943. Ontario Forestry Branch at Chapleau in 1943.
356 1943. On the verandah of the Ontario Forestry Branch headquarters in Chapleau, 1943. Left to right:

Tony Fortunato, Lawrence Mantle deputy, Ernie Morin chief ranger and Courtney Amm.

359 1944. Sawmill at McLellan Lake in 1944. This was erected by the Ontario Forestry Branch to cut red and white pine for the Ontario Ranger School at Dorset. Left to right:

Oliver Clement, David Saylors, Ernie Morin, Joe Turner, Lawrence Mantle, Alec Chelec.

107 1960. Lake trout and pike taken from Loon (Borden) Lake in October 1960.
108 1960. Lake trout and small mouthed black bass from Loon (Borden) Lake in October 1960.
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