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371886. Hudson Bay Post at Mulligans Bay in 1886. Shopping district for early residents of Chapleau. This post was established prior to 1874 and was closed in 1899. This was the site of the fists building to be erected as a church, inland between James Bay and Lake Superior, at the request of Reverend John Sanders (see Volume 2, Picture No. 408)

Mrs. P. Downey, mother of Edward, Larry and Mrs. Albert Evans, who came to Chapleau as a young girl in the 1880s described this church as follows: "It was the prettiest little church that I have ever seen and in such a beautiful setting amongst the trees. It was made of logs. There was a kitchen at the rear and a small room formed by the roof for the convenience of the Minister. Wooden benches were used and at intervals on the benches, hymn and prayer books were placed."

2751889. Chapleau in 1889. This picture was taken from a point south of the Canadian Pacific Railway opposite the west end of Pine Street. You may observe the wooden sidewalk along the south side of Pine Street and the C.P.R. houses located there today, to the extreme left of the picture. In the centre may be observed Beech Street and further along to the right Main Street (Birch). To the south side of Birch Street may be seen the Mechanics Institute with the three top windows which was built in 1889. Next to it is the Hudson Bay Store. Opposite to this store may be seen the present Bank of Montreal building (now replaced by the new building on the north-west corner of Birch and Young)

The two small hills or elevations through which the C.P.R. track passes (track is visible in centre running left to right) may be observed. Upon and over them the present overhead bridge is located. Notice the road coming from the south side of the railroad and crossing the track in the vecinity of Pellow's coal sheds, south of the present day C.P.R. freight offices.

It would appear that Chapleau extended in those days from the bank of the river along Pine Street, across the present town site in the vecinity of the Fox Theatre and continued south to Cedar Street, then south along Lorne Street to the site of the Imperial and Canadian oil depots.

361898 or before. St. John's Anglican Church with incumbent Rev. R. Warrington (1896-1898) on corner of Young and Pine where the tennis court is now placed. Notice coal oil street light. This church was later shipped to Cochrane.
27 1900. Picture taken in 1900 of S.S. Chapleau with boom of logs on the Chapleau River.
26 X 1900. S.S. Chapleau, side wheeler boat owned by Mageau and Leblanc, towing logs on the Chapleau River to Mageau and Leblanc mill at old hydro plant (near Nemegosenda Camp). Picture taken in 1900. This is a distant view of the boat.
3771900. July 1, 1900 in front of the Queen's Hotel (now the Sportsman) in Chapleau. Part of the Chapleau Baseball Team are shown in dark jerseys and white pants. A few of them are recognized as follows: (1) Tom Godfrey, (2) Max Brunette, (3) Mark Bowles, (4) Adelard Lafrance, (5) Ned Scott, (6) Harry Pellow, (7) Harry West, (8) Reddy McEwen, (9) Omar Royal, (10) Alf (Chappie) Wallace, (11) Ned Mathius, (12) Majorique Therriault, (13) William (Bill) Cote, (14) James McMullen, (15) Jack McAdam, (16) William (Bill) Henderson, (17) Jack Mulligan, (18) Frank Ryan.
3811902. The Chapleau Public Library and Mechanics Institute, circa 1902, loacated opposite the Redwood Dining Room. Those known are: (1) Robert Carmichael, (2) T.J. Godfrey, (3) William Henderson, (4) Jack McAdam, (5) Jim Robinson, (6) ? Robinson, (7) Adelard LaFrance, (8) Dan Sweezey, (9) Bob Allen.
22 1905. First hydro plant built in 1905 by Mageau and Leblanc, first lumbermen of Chapleau. Sold in 1909 to James Austin, lumberman of Chapleau and replaced by a modern plant on its present site (opposite Camp Nemegosenda)
333 1906. This is possibly the first or second gasoline propelled boat at Chapleau. It was a steel hull originally bought and brought to Chapleau by Richard Brownlee. Later it was sold to J.B. Dexter and finally ended its days about 1936 when it was owned by W.R. McAdam. This picture was taken in 1906 at the first rapids on the Chapleau River. The boat at the time belonged to J.B. Dexter. In the boat are Miss Kate Hicks, known to the people of Chapleau as Auntie Kate, Eva and Stanley Dexter and Mr. and Mrs. Howard.
1641907. Group of Chapleau people at the Hudson Bay store situated at Mulligans Bay in 1907. Back row from left: Mrs. Mabel Young, mother of Eric Young next to her, and third from left Dr. G.E. (Ted) Young. The three ladies in the front are from left Miss Lawson, Hilda Birch and Mrs. Robert Hopper.
4011907. Beech Street looking east from Young Street, about 1907. Note the old Roman Catholic Church in the centre. Click here for a view of the church from Lansdown Street
35a 35b1907. Picture in two halves of Chapleau taken in 1907 from the belfry of the old Public School. Left Half ... Right Half ...Note: Ottwa House on Boucher's lot on lane. Anglican Church where tennis court now is placed. Old Roman Catholic Church and Goldstien's house, second to right of Anglican Rectory which was the public school for many years prior to building the new one in 1901.
202 X1908. St. Joseph's Altar in the old Roman Catholic Church in Chapleau. Picture taken in 1908.
19 1909. Storage and hydro dam built by Mageau and Leblanc, lumbermen at Chapleau at the site of the present hydro plant (opposite Nemegosenda Camp).
126 XBefore 1910. Altar of old Roman Catholic Church in Chapleau which was destroyed by fire in 1918. Shown is Rev. Father Proulx. This picture was taken prior to 1910. Note the coal oil lamps and also oil lamp in Vigil Lights.
139 X1910. Altar of the old Roman Catholic Church in Chapleau with Father Proulx at the left. Picture taken in 1910.
185 XAfter 1910. First summer home built in the vicinity of Mulligans Bay near Chapleau. This summer home was built by Harry Pellow in 1910 on the Chapleau River in lot II, concession 2 in the township of Cochrane. The cabin was located in approximately the same spot on which the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Simpson is now located. (The picture shows only a wall and window of a log building and judging from the weathered aspect of the logs, it was taken many years after construction. hk)
42019?? Restaurant at the west end and north side of Birch Street in Chapleau. You can see the old wooden bridge across the tracks. Date unknown.
3319?? Main Street in Chapleau. Corner of Birch and Lorne looking west.
4151910. Main Street Chapleau in 1910, looking west. Smith & Chapples store may be seen. It consisted then of one section, that part in which the ladies wear section was situated (even now in 1999, the Village Shops has the ladies wear at that side). Also visible is the McNamara, Touchette and Jackman's store, (on north-west corner of Birch and Young). Note the board sidewalk. Brownlee's Barber Shop was in the part marked XX which was in the 1960s occupied by the L.C.B.O. This also appears to be the period when electric lights were being installed in Chapleau. Note the barber pole with the old oil lamp on top.
3241910. Main Street in Chapleau looking east from the building now owned by Newt Pellow, about 1910. To the left is Pellow's old store, possibly operated then by Ernest Cressey. The large window says GROCERIES but behind the window may be observed a large brass bed, while on the outside may be seen a roll of lenoleum, a tin stove, rakes, possibly tents in a roll and other unidentified objects.

The Queen's Hotel with its original facade shows patrons of the bar leaving after refreshments.

Next is the Pool Room and at the end of the building is Mr. Brownlee's Barber Shop.

The old building where the Dominion Store used to be is visible (now the Birchview Mall) and also the old building that was on the rear of the Post Office lot where a drug store and a jeweler were located. Note the horse drawn carts and buggies.

376Early 1900s. In front of the Queen's Hotel, now the Sportsman in Chapleau. The picture was taken in the early 1900s. The middle person in the group of three is George McCord, then an employee of the Canadian Pacific Railway and from 1914 until his retirement the proprietor of the People's Meat Market located where the Fox Theatre is now. Later he was the proprietor of McCord's Chapleau Meat Market at 28 Birch Street East. Note the wooden sidewalks and the raised wooden platform along the entire front of the building.
3781911. Main Street in Chapleau, spring of 1911. Under the balcony of the Queen's Hotel at the entrance to the bar. Left to right: Unknown, Mrs. T.J. Godfrey, Mr. T.J. Godfrey.
3201912. Pine Street 1912. This picture shows three different type houses located at 10, 12 and 14 Pine Street. The one to the left is a typical British country home complete with a stone, cement and iron fence. This home was built by James Rose. The second one is characteristic of the Canadian style square house of this period and was built by Walter Leigh. The third is a typical French-Canadian house as defined by the roof. See also the James Rose family here.
1651912. Group of Chapleau people at the Hudson Bay trading post at Mulligans Bay in 1912. The late Mr. George Young is situated in the centre of the group and to the left (his right) with the bald shaven head is the late Dr. Wm. Young. Dr. Ted Young in March of 1999 identified the following additional persons: On the right of Mr. George Young (his left) is Eric Young. Front row on very left, Miss Lawson, second from left with tongue out is Ethel Buncombe, third from left with the cup is Dr. G.E. (Ted) Young. Of the two ladies holding up the cards, the one slightly more forward is Mabel Young, wife of George Young. The second lady from the very left, in the back, with the white hat, is Mrs. Hopper.Who are the others?
1591913. Betsy Falkerts in 1913 holding Queenie Matheson (Mrs. Robert Halliday). Goldwyn Matheson is in lower right hand corner. This is the original facade of the Crusoe House built in 1887 and torn down in 1958 at 4-6 & 8 Beech Street. The large double story flat roofed building in the background was situated on the lot now owned by Geo. Collinson, 14 Beech Street, and was a Chinese laundry and restaurant.
2411913. Interior of the old Post Office in Chapleau, 1913 which one may observe in Chapleau historical picture No. 219, listed as No. 6. Note the large wood burning stove in the right foreground and the oil lamps. Also note the instructions relative to mail for Wayland and other points.
2191913. Chapleau in 1913, looking east along the entire length of Birch and Main Street. (1) Sacred Heart School (torn down 1976), (2) Sacred Heart Church, (3) Royal Bank of Canada, (4) Octave Boucher's Butcher Shop, (5) Sam Lum's Cafe and rooms. This building was originally errected by P.A. Mulligan who catered to the C.P.R. extra gangs. Later in the early 1930s it was operated as a garage for a while by Geo. Merrick. (6) Post Office, (7) McNamara's General Store, (8) Smith & Chapples, (9) Pellows, (10) Pool Room, (11) Trinity United Church, (12) Indian Residential School, (13) Stable and Barn of the Indian School, (14) Y.M.C.A., (15) Mrs. McKee's Boarding House, affectionately known as the Pig's Ear, (16) Octave Boucher's Slaughter House.
341913. Chapleau in 1913, looking from atop the old water storage tank, showing the hospital in the scantling stage.
2181913. West side of Chapleau in 1913. Monk Street and C.P.R. station.
182 1913. Y.M.C.A. in Chapleau.
1411914. Lady Minto Hospital in Chapleau upon completion in 1914.
381914. Opera House in Chapleau. Picture taken in 1914. This was on the lot now occupied by Joe Delaney at 28 Lorne Street, Mrs. Freeborn's Home. (now the Twins Beauty Salon is in that house). Doug Greig has been able to discover that the Opera House was organized in 1888 with C.Kyle President and C.Murphy Secretary.
3211914. North part of Chapleau, 1914. The Town Hall may be seen in the construction stage and also part of the old wooden overhead bridge. Situated on the lot now owned by G.J. Collinson at 14 Beech Street is the old Chinese laundry and restaurant. The old Hartlet home may be seen on the back of the lot now occupied by the Legion Hall. The house on the front part of this lot is now the home of G.J. Collinson at 14 Beech Street, which was moved there and enlarged. The old Ottawa House is observed next to Boucher's large home, as are also the old warehouses and homes on the land behind the present Redwood Dining Room.
20 1914. Hydro dam built of square timber and stone for Chapleau Electric Light and Power Company in 1914. This was replaced by a concrete dam at its present site in 1929.
21 X 1914. Nearly the same as No. 20.
3791915. The Stage in the Town Hall shortly after its completion in 1915. Note the player piano and boxes of music rolls.
3801915. The screen in front of the stage in the Town Hall in early 1915. The advertisements are as follows:
Left side beginning at the top left:
Fred Steinburg & Co. Real estate brokers from Saskatoon with an office in Chapleau.
National Railway Association Ltd. Profit sharing stores, possibly the old co-operative store which was located on or at 29 Landsdowne Street South.
Butternut Bread from Snowdy & Laird, located at 35 Aberdeen Street North.
Miss Lois Holding, news store, located near the fire hall on the lane at the south end of the lot on which the Northern Medical Centre is now situated, 15 Lorne Street North.
The People's Department Store, Ernie Cressey, proprietor, loacated in the Pellow Building, 12 Birch Street E.
Queen's Hotel, now the Sportsman, Frank Brunette, proprietor.
T.J. Godfrey, Conveyancer and Insurance.
Top Centre:
Chapleau Meat Market, situated where the Fox Theatre is now located. Proprietors Geo. McCord and Howard Cummings.
Right side beginning at top left:
For Gents Furnishings and fine clothing go to J. Wichewsky. The Wichewsky brother, Saul and Jake later changed their neame to Witchell. Their store was located in the Chapleau Sentinel Building at 17 Young Street.
Austin & Nicholson. Offices and lumber yard at the northwest corner of Birch and Landsdowne>
William McLeod, general merchant at 42 Landsdowne Street South.
Atkinson's Barber Shop. Located where the Liquor Store is now located, 24 Birch Street East. (Mr. Crichton is referring to the old location of the liquor store)
Sheppard & Wolfe. The Man's tore located at 30A and 32 Birch East
O. Boucher, butcher, located at that time where Smith & Chapples funeral parlour is now situated.
McDougal & Sproule, general merchants at White River.
J.A. Bernier, general building contractor.
J.D. McAdam, insurance agent.
3631915 or 1916. Main Street Chapleau looking east from the corner of Young and Main. This picture is presumed to have been taken in either 1915 or 1916.

The buildings to the left on Main Street are:

Snith and Chapple and then their old galvanized iron warehouse that was situated where the grocery department is now.

The next building with its balcony is Pellow's store which in 1915 was operated by Ernie Cressey.

Next is the Queen's Hotel, now the Sportsman, It also had a balcony.

Next is the Godfrey building in which T.J. Godfrey had a poolroom downstairs and a bowling alley upstairs. It is now (1965) the Milkbar, the pool room having moved upstairs.

Next is the Brownlee Building in which today (1965) a barber shop and the Liquor Store are located.

Next is the Ross Block, now (1965) owned by Romeo Morin in which the Twins Beauty Parlour, Chapleau Insuarance Agencies and the Model Drug Store are now (1965).

Across the Street may be seen the front part of the building that was located where the Fox Theatre now stands in which McCord and Cummings operated a butcher shop.

One may notice the raised platform along all these builldings along the north side of Main Street. There do not appear to be any street lights at this time. The delivery wagon with a horse attached in front of Smith and Chapple's store is no doubt a delivery wagon from one of the stores in Chapleau at that time.

3871916. From left to right: Public School built in 1901, St. John's Anglican Church and the Town Hall.
Picture taken in 1916.
243 1917. Main Street in Chapleau after snow storm on May 5, 1917. The chap in the centre is Bill Atkinson, a barber employed by Mr. R. Brownlee. Note the old wooden water tank and the verandah above the pool room as well as along the facade of the Queen's Hotel, now the Sportsman's.
3551918 or before. Old Roman Catholic Church in Chapleau which was destroyed by fire in December 1918 and was located on the site of the present Roman Catholic Church.
3601920. The Lady Minto Hospital in Chapleau as it appeared in 1920. Note the wooden sidewalks. Part of a house at the extreme right (not very visible in this picture) was owned by Miss. Sutherland who came to Chapleau in 1908 as one of the first three teaches at the Indian School. She later aquired this house and turned it into a nursing home which she called the Cottage Hospital, where she cared for the sick and injured under doctor's instructions until the Lady Minto Hospital was built in 1914.
150 1920. Birch or Main Street in Chapleau in 1920. Small truck is possibly owned by Edgar Pellow, proprietor of Pellow's Hardware at that time.
375 Early 1920s. Part of the waterfront at Chapleau. (1) The home of Eli Brunette at 53 Pine Street East. (2) Old Roman Catholic Church destroyed by fire on the same site as the present. (3) The home of Willard Morrison (the old Pellow home) at 36 Lorne Street North. (4) The home of Ed Bowles at 46 Lorne Street North. (5) An old building that was located behind the fire hall (1960s fire hall) and occupied by a Chinese family which ran a laundry in the structure. Each spring the bottom floor would be flooded out by the high spring water and the family would move to the top part of the house. (6) Ketterer Studio at 41 Lorne Street North.
163 1920. River scene at Chapleau circa 1920, taken from the vicinity of the curling club. Across the river may be observed the tobogan slide built in the arly 1900s by the Hiawatha Club of Chapleau. Also across the river may be seen the summer home of G.B. Nicholson, now a clubhouse for members of the Golf Club.
611924. Crash of Provincial Air Service flying boat at Tony Lake in 1924.
152 1924. Landsdowne Street looking north.
154 1925. Beech Street from corner of Beech and Young, 1925.
446, 447, 4481926. These pictures are very interesting as they first depict what a funeral was like many years ago, but also the old buildings on Main Street in Chapleau. This is the funeral of Mrs. W. Hartley, mother of Bernard Hartley in early March 1926. These pictures were taken from the roof of C.W. Collins Stores, then Desjardin & Langis Ltd.

In picture No. 447, leading the cortage is the minister and driver of the open cutter type sleigh. Next the coffin and part of the mourners. The casket is pulled on a sleigh as shown with the funeral director, Mr. T.R. Serre sitting with the driver and the pall bearers following on foot. Building (1) is the home of J.B. Dexter, (2) home of Mr. and Mrs. Hill Gagnon and family, (3) home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reid, (4) home of Mr. and Mrs. Vince Crichton, (5) home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Bernier. One should notice the trees that were planted along Main or Birch Street.

In picture No. 446 one may see all the winter snow on the street with only a sleight track in the middle for the horses. In this picture, building No. 1 is the old Austin Terrace or Tenement, which was demolished to make way for Stedmans Store. Building No. 2 is the office of Austin and Nicholson Lumber Co., that is the former office, at that the time of this picture it was the office of the Chapleau Electric Light and Power Company.

Picture No. 448 shows the mourners of the family being taken to the church on horse drawn sleighs. (1) the old building where the Birchview Mall is now situated on the north-west corner of Birch and Lorne Street. The upstairs of this building at that time was occupied by Crawley & McCracken of which George Langworthy was the district Superintendent. The right half downstairs was a confectionery store run by either a Miss Dewey or Mr. Christy Matheson at that time. The left half was occupied by Robert McEwen who was a taylor. (2) Octave Boucher's butcher shop. (3) The Ross Block, now occupied by the drug store and (at V.C.'s writing) the Twins Beauty Parlour. (4) George McCord's Chapleau Meat Market and Grocery. Note the lane between the Twins Beauty Parlour (Ross Block) and McCord's store. Later, this was built in and became part of McCord's store. (5) At the time Vince Crichton wrote this, this was Eaton's Mail Order Office and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Len Harris. The downstairs was occupied by Joe Wrangham who was a cobbler (see picture No. 289 in Volume 2). (6) Brownlee's building. (7) Old Queens Hotel, now the Sportsman

306 1928. Aerial view of Chapleau in 1928. It is interesting to compare this picture with a present day picture of Chapleau (1964). On the west side of the river south of the Canadian Pacific Railway may be observed the old Beaudry home. North of this across the track is the old Donivan home. These were the only two buildings in that vicinity until the advent of the lumber mills in that locale.

Proceeding north (actually more easterly,hk) in the centre of the golf course, on which the square greens are noted, may be seen the old V.T. Chapple summer home. West of the turn around in the road is the summer home of G.B. Nicholson. This home is now the club house of the Kebsquasheshing Golf Club and it has been moved east of the original location nearer to the rock wall.

Further east and opposite Aberdeen Street is an old stable and a small house. The stable was once used by Ben Vezina and later by William Fraser to house horses.

To the east (right side of the picture) and at the end of the road is Boucher's old slaughter house and field enclosed by a high board fence, just west of where the Lady Fatima school is now situated. Very few houses were erected east of Grey Street. A small aircraft my be seen at the dock of the Ontario Forestry Branch. Remark by Hugh... note the many boat houses along the south side of the Front River.

311929. Ontario Air Service H.S.2L flying boat at Loon Lake (Borden Lake) in 1929.
348 1929. Main Street Chapleau circa 1929. The small building to the extreme left and next to the Boston Cafe is the old Post Office building. At this time, Hong Fong had a laundry located in the west half of the building and and a coloured gentleman was the proprietor of shoe-shine and pressing business in the east half.

Next to the Boston Cafe, now the Redwood Dining Room, was another Chinese Restaurant, the Exchange Cafe and next to that was another Chinese laundry. Next is the Royal Bank and then the present (1965) Bank of Montreal in which Miss Holding had a confectinery and news store.

Next is Smith and Chapple's old warehouse as seen in picture No. 347 and so on. The old Manitoba Maple may be observed outside the barber shop, now (1965) Pompadour Coifure, 42 Birch Street. Note the many trees on the south side of the street.

305 Before 1930. Y.M.C.A. on Lorne Street, prior to 1930. To the left may be seen the annex as it was then situated. This was moved to the right of and behind the main building sometime shortly after 1950. Note the trees on the street and the old iron pipe fence.
1531931. Eclipse Airways, Chapleau 1931. Formed during the Swayze godld rush. Located on River behind public school where the public beach is now. Ceased operations in 1933.
293 1933. The first aircraft crash in or near Chapleau, Tuesday, December 12, 1933. (see picture No. 61 below for an earlier mishap)It occured at the corner of Cherry and Connought Streets, being blown over a house at the lakefront. This was a Fairchild 71 owned by Canadian Airways and piloted by Ron George. It was based at Chapleau during the Swayze gold rush. There were two passengers in the ship, Elmer Fraser and Len Perfetto, neither being injured. The pilot had a slight cut over one eye. The engine was completely severed from the craft by a guy wire from a hydro pole. The broken pole may be seen in the foreground. The shearing of the engine from the fuselage was so complete that the two were a few feet apart. (the foregoing is what Mr. Crichton wrote about this incident).

Remark by Hugh..... In March 1999 I received two even better photos of this crash from Bob Cameron in Whitehorse. Here is the first, showing the entire airplane. Note the fellow in leather flying gear looking at the engine. You can make out one propeller blade. Note also the wooden crate, upside down in the snow with Pellow's Chapleau written on it and the snapped hydro pole with the street light still attached. Here is the second, showing the smashed front of the machine. Note the Canadian Airways logo on the side of the airplane.

The Toronto Daily Star reported the next day, December 13, 1933 as follows. THREE INJURED WHEN AEROPLANE CRASHES NEAR CHAPLEAU. When the aeroplane flown by Ron George, northern air pilot, crashed into a rocky hill, near Chapleau, Ont., three men, Len Perfetto, W. McDonald and Fritz Fraser were slightly injured. George, who figured in a landing with a broken ski some months ago, again saved his passengers by skillful handling. The 7-passenger machine in taking off was struck by a cross-wind.

Another newspaper clipping in the posession of Bud Park of Chapleau, probably from the Sudbury Star, reported the event this way under the picture of the plane: AFTER THE PLANE CRASH AT CHAPLEAU Three men were injured, none seriously, when an aeroplane crashed at Chapleau on Tuesday. The aeroplane was in charge of Ron George, noted northern air pilot, who probably saved the lives of the passengers by his skillful landing under difficult conditions. The wrecked aeroplane is shown above. The crash occured right after the take-off when a cross-wind struck the aeroplane.

3321935. Pump House in Chapleau in 1935 when the plant was still operated by steam. L.A. Whitney, one of the pumpers is on the left while J.B. Dexter, the town foreman is on the right.
151 1946. Birch or Main Street in Chapleau.
222 X1948. Bush fire near Chapleau, north of the Chapleau River during the disatrous fires of sping and summer 1948.
456a, 456b, 456c1957 or earlier. Two Aerial views of Chapleau and legend explaining what the numbered features are. These pictures can definitely be dated prior to 1958 because it was in that year that the Crusoe House (37) in picture 456a was demolished by Dr. Young. Here is picture 456b
172, 1461959. Chapleau's old municipal hall on Pine Street. A view taken in 1959 showing its original facade and a view taken in 1962. Note the Norseman aircraft on the right, nosed into the beach. This picture must have been taken during very high water.
1471962. St. John's Anglican Church and old high school, 1962.
1441962. Trinity United Church, corner of Beech and Lorne. 1962.
145 X1962. Roman Catholic Church in Chapleau, Lorne Street 1962.
148 & 1491962. Crusoe House built in 1887 by Robert Holding (picture No. 148) as a rooming and boarding house. Here is another view (picture No.149). Situated at 4, 6 and 8 Beech Street. Pictures taken in 1962. The Crusoe house was demolished in 1958 by Dr. Young.
1431962?. Legion Hall, corner of Beech and Young Streets. Originally known as the Memorial Hall. Built in 1919 by Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Nicholson in memory of their only son Lorne (see picture No. 13 in Volume 1.) who was killed shortly before the armistice.
4501962? This is the present home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fife, near the concrete dam on the Nebskwashi River, a little over a mile south of Chapleau on highway 129. It was originally used as an office by Zotique Mageau and Leblanc Lumber Co.(see picture No. 449 in Volume 2) and as a home for operators of the electric light plant of Chapleau Electric Light and Power Co. One of the oldest buildings in Chapleau.

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